Vacant Lot #215-A22

Welcome to the first lot in my upcoming 'Vacant Lot Living" series!

Running into a bit of bad luck?  Need a cheap place to crash until things get better? Or do you just prefer to live out on your own, free of any responsibilities or ties to materialism?  Whatever your current status, this sweet little deal features all the amenities needed to live comfortably.

Lot Size:  1x1
Cost of Living:  $6,465
Amenities:  Working Stove & Fridge / Outhouse with attached Sink & Shower / Mattress to sleep on / Telephone / Books to read / Television & Radio included!

Because it's an outdoor lot you are susceptible to weather, so unless you want to face the elements I would highly suggest you get the  Seasons & Weather Controller by Paladins Palace so that you can turn it off.  Follow the link, then go to Sims 2/Objects/Other Objects.

Expansions Required:  Bon Voyage / Seasons / University / Open for Business

DOWNLOAD:  Vacant Lot #215-A22

I want to say a huge thank you to these immensely talented Creators for not only creating the awesome items included in the lot, but allowing me to include them!

Katvip from Cradle of Darkness -

Garden of Shadows:

4ESF on Dropbox

The Sims Resource:

Mod the Sims:


  1. One of my fav simmies has been so down in the mouth lately. He moved to a nice little house in the hills, which you would think would be perfect for this guy. Nooooo he likes the outdoor living... I tried putting him on a lot with a few necessary things that would keep him going but he would not use them. Said they were just to "foo foo" So when I came upon your lot, I said WOW... Now this is the perfect home for our Bubba.

    I will put him in it today and I just bet he will look at me with that big ole smile and get right to living...

    Thanks hon, this is a unusual lot but then again I got some pretty strange simmies... LOL

    Your Wonderful!

    1. :) Thanks for visiting! Hopefully Bubba will be happy with his new home!


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