About Me

Hi there!

My name is Puppetfish and I am so very glad to meet you!

I began creating for the Sims 2 way back in 2007, and with my very first upload to MTS I was hooked on making fun stuff not only for my game but yours as well!

Over the years I began to be a little dismayed over the significant lack of items relating to Star Trek, my first love, in the Sims world.  So I embarked on an epic creating journey that has led me to where I am today! My very first skintone was born, and with the Tarchannen III Alien a whole new chapter opened in my Sims 2 life.

Most of my creations were posted to MTS, but eventually I felt the need to create my own website, Sim Trek 2 Boldly Go.  My name on there was K'Ehleyr, and it was totally dedicated to Star Trek and the Sims 2.

It was also during this time that I began having problems with the game itself.  My cd's weren't working correctly half the time, and more often than not I was without the ability to play or create.  Those were sad days indeed.

So I made the hard decision to not only close my site, but to quit the game entirely.  I tossed out my game and settled in to a life without the Sims 2.  Until....

...The recent announcement of "The Ultimate Collection" on digital copy!

So I am happy to announce that Puppetfish is back!

Please make yourself at home and I am so very glad to be among the Sims 2 Community again!