Welcome to the Tutorials Section!  Here you will find a list of various tutorials for the Sims 2.  These are the ones I've either used or created, so please enjoy!

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


  1. Please do make tutorials, soon. So many creators are leaving Sims 2, and those of us who still love it are now trying to learn in order to keep our simmies living well. I am a total newbie, and am searching desperately for relevant tutorials that are updated, and having little luck. Your creations are gorgeous, and I would love to learn all I can from you! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much VintageVelma for your kind words! I agree, the tutorials I used to follow are fast disappearing. I do have plans to make a few, but I am also going to update the page with a list of tutorials that I use regularly, that are still around! :)


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