Franny Sims

The files you are about to download were created by the very talented Franciele on Frannie Sims.  Unfortunately her site has been down for years and my attempts at contacting her have failed.

Most of these files came from my personal stash, I just happened to have them on an old cd.  To fill in the gaps I grabbed the ones from The Graveyard (which are not organized or sorted) and have done extensive searching to find the rest.  I still have a pile of meshes without recolors and recolors without meshes, and am still sorting through them to match them up and take the accompanying pictures.

Please check back often to see if we've gotten anything new!

In the mean time, if you have any Franny meshes or recolors and would like to share them with the rest of the community please send me the links/files and I will get them uploaded as soon as possible.

Please enjoy!

V:  Vol Gal
(unfortunately, I do not have any of these files)