KK - Kurvy Girl

These meshes were created by Franciele at FrannySims. Her site has been gone for years now, and somehow I've managed to find these...most were in my own downloads, some came from the Graveyard, but so far this is all I've got.

If you have any others that are missing from here, or know where I can find them, I would greatly appreciate it if you would post a Comment to let me know so that I can add them to the collection for everyone to enjoy.

Also, if you have a link to any recolors for these meshes, please feel free to post the link and list the mesh required, in the Comments below this page!

Thanks so much!


  1. Hi Puppetfish!
    I too have a number of Franny's meshes and a lot of Oneblondemomma's recolors. Unfortunately, I am terrible when it comes to sorting things out! And these all come from my old ts2 DL folder (I'm just returning to ts2 after playing ts3 for over a year, and I'm trying to sort things out! Something in my old save keeps crashing my game, so I'm very slowly adding in CC in a new folder and I haven't gotten to KurvyK sized clothes yet! ;) )

    But if you're interested, I've posted what I have (all that has 'KK' in the file name) at mediafryer here:


    Like I said, I don't know if anything is complete. And I don't know if, I'm sure there is, there's other creators stuff in there too. Actually, there are some recolors by others of my meshes that I've made for the adult/teen KK. If interested, those meshes can be found at my LJ:


    Anywho, I don't know if this will help any at all, but just thought I'd share! ;) I know I have Franny's stuff for the other shapes (including VG), but I also have WAAAAAAAY too many other things by other's too! And w/o knowing exact names, I'm afraid I might not be of much help...w/o a LOT of work!!!

    And thanks for posting and sharing! It's great to know that there are others still simming in ts2 that are interested in the different bodyshapes! :D

    Merry Christmas, G-Knee

    1. Thank you! So sorry for the late reply. I've been out of commission for a bit.

      I will gladly take anything by Franny Sims. I love her stuff. When I get more time I will sort through them. :)

  2. OH! I forgot! I might of altered some of her meshes! I can't remember! I often thought I wanted to add preg/fat morphs or change out her odd shaped feet for Bloom's sexyfeet, but as of right now, I can't remember if I actually DID do any of those alterations! So, I'm just giving you a head's up, just in case! ;)


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