The GreenHouse

Step into summer with this modern summer vacation home.

Welcome to the GreenHouse, the modern summer vacation home your Sims have been dreaming of! Whether sunning yourself on the pool deck, cuddling on the couch, or taking advantage of the luxurious hot spring in the back yard, the cool green and white palette promises to bring you the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Here are the specifications-


List of Included Custom Content

"Natural Springs" Waterfall by Holy Simoly
 Lost & Found IKEA by HugeLunatic / recolor by Puppetfish
Neon Dining table by 11Dots (part of Neon Set Big) 
4ESF Bedroom 12 
4ESF Dining 9 Chair / Green Recolor by Puppetfish
4ESF Kitchen 3 / Barstool Green Recolor by Puppetfish
4ESF Living 10 Wall Panel  /  Recolor by Puppetfish
4ESF Outdoor 8
Kitchen Sink by Sandy at Around the Sims 2 
Juliano Kitchen Hanging Tools by Simplan-x.com 
Below Ground OMSP, height 1 by SilentLucidity
4 in 1 Painting by SimAddict99  /  Recolor by Puppetfish
Zeppelin Set by Bella / SimBella.com - hosted on CherryBlossom
Pole and Glass by Jakob / SimBella.com - hosted on CherryBlossom
Glass Fence by Tiggy 027 - hosted on CherryBlossom
4 Panel Art by Simcastic Designs /  Recolor by Puppetfish
Sliding Door by Windkeeper
OMSP for Tables by JohnBrehaut1

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