Welcome to the 4ESF / 4EverSimFantasy Page.

I absolutely LOVED this site. Very nice quality downloads for your Sims 2 game, and I was very upset when it closed it's 'doors' and slipped into the Sims 2 history.

Luckily, different websites have been diligently trying to preserve the downloads, and most of them can be found on different sites scattered across the web. If one of the sites doesn't work, then please try another. Also, the web can be finicky, a site will work one day, and then not the next, so if you cannot access the downloads one day, come back and try again!

  • 4ESF on Dropbox
    • I do not know who is hosting this dropbox, as I accidentally stumbled on it in my web search for missing files. If anyone knows who the owner is, please let me know and I will gladly add the proper credit.
  • 4ESF on TehSims Archives
    • This site can be tricky. You can access the downloads on the menu on the left side of the page, under Downloads.  However, there are times that the Menu never shows up. If it doesn't work, retry until it does.  
  • 4ESF on The Graveyard
    • This site seems to have frequent server issues, so if you cannot access it please check back. The good news is they've revamped the site, so the downloads are much easier to access, and most now have an image for you to preview.

There are a few Sets that cannot be found on the above sites.  I am reposting those downloads below.  I've included the Collection Files and the meshes, when needed.


Bathroom 2                                      Bathroom 3


Bathroom 5                                   Bedroom 2


Bedroom 5                                    Bedroom 8


Bedroom 12                                          Kitchen 2


Kitchen 3                                         Kitchen 5


Kitchen 8                                                             Kitchen 9


Outdoor 6                                    Victorian Kictchen-Antique Theme


Christmas Gift 05 - picture coming....

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