Tarchannen III Alien

Aaaahhhhh.....Tarchannen III.....a beautiful lush oasis in space.

Or......maybe not.

This M-Class Planet is home to an Alien species that reproduces by implanting DNA into an unsuspecting host body. Unfortunately for Geordi LaForge and Susanna Leijten they were part of an Away Team searching for a missing Federation Outpost. Five years later they are feeling the urge to relocate and what's up with all these blue veins popping up all over?!!

But not to fear! Dr. Crusher whipped up an antidote faster than you can say, "Make it so," and they are back to their normal, adorable, human selves!   Full information here

**Details - Details - Details**

This skin is genetic. The babies start out blue and by adulthood they have gained all their veins. The skin was meant to be slightly blurry because these Aliens are light sensitive, and prefer to hide in the dark so they can sneak up and tap you on the back. (Hey! They gotta have kids somehow!!!) In the show, the veins only showed up under ultraviolet light, and this was my effort at recreating that feeling!

Download this file:  Tarchannen III Alien

Perhaps your Tarchannen would like to join Starfleet?  Get your uniforms here!

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