Starfleet Tarchannen

I love my Tarchannen III Alien so much that when he asked me to create a uniform especially for him I couldn't resist!  But I quickly realized that just one outfit wasn't going to be enough because the rest of his friends and family were clamoring for outfits as well!

It seems that Geordi's brief stint as a Tarchannen was enough to entice them into Starfleet!

So, I found the perfect meshes to accommodate Nocturne and Nightcrawler Sims, I just knew they would be perfect for my blue friends!
their unique physique.

Although General Zoi and Synaptic Sim created these meshes for their

As you can see, every category is covered.  From everyday to outerwear, your Tarchannen's will be very fashionable!

All meshes are included in the file for your convenience.

These are all Base Game except for the Outerwear, which requires Seasons.

Download this file: 
Starfleet Tarchannen's

(textures were borrowed from JenExell and NixNivis, with their permission)

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