Star Trek Uniform Walls/Floors

This is a quirky little set, and you'll either love it or hate it, but I enjoyed making it and thought a few of you out there will love it as much as I do!

So, after I created my Classic Trek Bedroom Set I thought we seriously needed the other series as a set of walls as well. But these walls are a bit different, each one reflects the uniforms each series would wear! And the best part is that they can be used in conjunction with the bedding and rugs from the Classic Trek Set as well.
You can find that set here:  Classic Trek 
 There are 16 Wallpapers and 3 Carpets. The carpets match each set, so you can match whichever wall you place. I've also included a Collection File to make them easier to find! WARNING - The Collection File does NOT go in your Downloads folder, it HAS to go into your Collections Folder.

Catalog Placement: Build Mode
Wallpapers can be found in Wall Coverings under Paneling
Carpets can be found in Floors & Ceilings under Carpet
Price: $0


Download this file: 

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