Classic Trek Bedroom

This has been a project long in the making! I couldn't resist doing this bedroom set! Especially with the Pixar/Trek posters!

You will find four colors..Command Gold, Operations Red, Sciences Blue, and Black in every item recolored.

The posters are meant to mix and match, I just grouped them in the color categories for the sake of the pictures. The original images for the posters came from a post on Star Trek's Facebook page, they were created by a guy named Phil Postma and you can find them in their original form at Phil Postma's Minion Factory   I've uploaded them with Phil's permission!

There are 4 wallpapers, 4 beds, 4 rugs, 4 bears, 4 chairs and 12 paintings for a total of 36 files. They have been compressed. For your ease, the last photo contains the images for the Maxis items I recolored, but I will list them here as well:

-The Slim System, by Jim Slimboy / Base Game
-"Collectible" Frankie Bear / Open for Business
-Weirdness is the Art Rug / Glamour Life
-Albert's "Discordia" / Apartment Life
-The Glassic Chair / Base Game

Download this file:  Classic Trek Bedroom

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