Tosk & Hunter

These two guys are in the same post because...well...they are always linked together in  Star Trek.

Tosk were bred and trained to become the quarry for the Hunters, who genetically engineered them as their prey.  It may seem a bit unfair, but the Tosk were well respected and honored by their Hunters, as they were given the ability to outsmart their creators and this led them both on quite the chase throughout space.

For the Tosk:

Meshes included:

by NixNivis, Bolian Head  (find her stuff here)
by JuSyn, JuSyn_BB2NoToes (I can't find the link to the original download)
Eyes by Genensims

For the Hunter:

Meshes included:

by Fairiegurl, Thigh High Platform Boots for Guys

The following Meshes are NOT included, you need to grab these:

by q3tbo,  Belt for Males
by q3tbo,  Belt and...Something Strange for Adult Males XD  (you need the "AM_Version_0_Schwerelos2006.rar" file)

Download this file:  Tosk & the Hunter

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