To The Stars...Chapter 3

They stood for a moment of time, staring at one another int he gritty glow from the pickup truck's headlights. Neither madea move. Instead, they eyes each other warily.

For Barney, this moment was one of shock, of terror, of intense amazement and disbelief. All of his childhood dreams curled up in the pit of his stomach and churned like a rotten meal. In all his years spent searching for this moment, he had never truly believed this moment would come.

Pedro was the dreamer, the believer, the one who had kept the quest burning. Barney simply tagged along like any good friend would do, supporting him in is wild talk, defending him to the schoolyard bullies who scoffed at the notion that there was actually life 'out there.' It should be Pedro standing here, not Barney. He licked his dry lips and tried to quell his trembling hands, eyeing the reptilian humanoid who was looking at him like he wanted to tear him apart.

For Tosk, this moment was one of crushing defeat, bitter despair, and intense anger. All that had happened to him, the crash, his capture, the unknown spans that had passed, the certainty that he would never behold his beloved Niuske again; all of it coalesced into this one moment of agonizing decision.

He knew he would never be taken alive again.

His eyes narrowed into golden slits and he growled, low and throaty, his hands clenching into fists as rage poured through him. He may not survive past this night, but at least he could take one with him. He noted the other's eyes widen in fear and knew a moment of sweet victory.

Yet, even as the alien took a menacing step closer, and the human took a hesitant step back, the heavy drone of a distant helicopter broke into their imminent confrontation, causing them both to pause and turn their attention to the darkened sky across the lake.

Barney watched as the alien's face transformed from a mask of rage and malevolent intent to one of sudden fear and confusion, and despair. He felt his own fear slip away, as he realized this creature must have escaped the distant compound and was desperately trying to get away. Swallowing against the tremendous dryness of his throat, Barney felt a moment of compassion. What must it be like, to be stranded and hunted as if you were no better than an animal?

Swiftly, he came to a decision.

It wouldn't take long for the copter to get here. Military efficiency and all. And the fact that his high beams were like the siren call of a honeycomb to a bee, they had surely all ready spotted them and had adjusted their course. They were still some distance off, and that fact may just save their bacon.

"If you understand me," he said softly, distinctly, allowing the sound of his urgency to bleed through, "and you want to live, then get into the truck. Now."

Tosk studied the smooth skinned alien's eyes intently, weighing the risks involved in showing that he understood.

Until this moment, he had not been tempted to speak. In fact, he had secretly exulted in his captor's mounting frustration at their pitiful attempts at communication, refusing to grace them with one syllable that would indicate he had the intelligence to converse with them. And his internal translator had purposefully been designed to look and act like just another body part. In fact, most of the technology he carried was internal, for times such as this.

However, the very real threat coming toward them made him suddenly realize it would be foolish to continue the game. He said simply, "I am Tosk."

"And I'm Barney, nice to meet you," he called, turning to slam the hood shut, letting his body motion spur him around the vehicle, hoping that the alien would follow his lead and not take his sudden movement as a threat. Thankfully he didn't need to worry. As he leapt behind the wheel the alien slid in beside him, and the only thing he was worried about was whether the truck would even start.

"This could be the end of a beautiful friendship", he muttered to himself, reaching for the key.

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