Tellarites are one of the four founding members of the Federation, so it's only fitting that they finally be brought into the Sim Trek world. Generally they have a porcine physique, and are known to be great debaters and love to argue. Aside from TOS and Enterprise, they are very rarely seen, except as background characters in movies, and even in those series not very active. They live in the 61 Sygni System.

In my research, I have found pictures of them with hairy hands, non hairy hands, hooves, fingers and we've never seen a female. Even their facial structure seems to differ. So, for my sanity, I created them without body hair, so that you can easily place whatever hair and/or beard you want on them. The skintone is for both genders and all ages, but only the T-E males have the chin marks. Also, they don't look good in the bald hairstyles.

After I created these guys the most fabulous NixNivis created a set of  beards and eyebrows to make my Tellarites look more authentic!  The facial hair can be found here!

Download this file:  Tellarite Sims

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