Talaxian Skintone

History (taken from this website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talaxian )

The Talaxians are a humanoid civilization in the Star Trek fictional universe native to the planet Talax in the Delta Quadrant. The Talaxians surrendered to the Haakonian Order in 2356 after a decade-long war was ended by the deployment of the metreon cascade, a deadly weapon that killed over 300,000 Talaxians on the moon Rinax. Talaxians who came in contact with the fallout from the metreon cascade suffered metremia, a deadly blood disease. It is a tradition in Talaxian society to share the history of a meal before eating, as a way of enhancing the culinary experience. It is also tradition for Talaxian proper names to contain the letter x (Neelix, his sister Alixia, his new girlfriend Dexa, her son Brax ...). The Talaxians are a relatively peaceful race whose members willingly cooperate with the crew of Voyager.

This first picture is the comparison pictures! I've made him with a regular face and no hair so that you can see the details.
This is the what the full skin looks like. Every age and gender look the same.

Download this file:

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