Starfleet Dreams - Room Set

I originally posted this set over on MTS.  However, due to the amount of pictures and files, I had to post it in separate parts.  Lucky for you I've decided to upload it all here on one page, so that you won't have to go chasing all the various parts down.

You will also notice that there are way less pictures.  In fact, I've decided to condense them into one to reflect the two wallpaper colors.  If you really want to see every single item included please head over to my profile on MTS.  It's called Starfleet Dreams, there are 8 separate posts.  I've even done the search for you, just follow the link!

The only thing that is not posted here is my Starfleet Dreams - The Nursery.  It's got it's own little page.

There are wallpapers, carpets, tons of paintings and bedding for your beds!  Pick and choose the ones you want and please have fun decorating!  Everything is Base Game.

Download these files:

Starfleet Dreams - The Wallpaper & Floors
Starfleet Dreams - Alien Paintings
Starfleet Dreams - Starfleet Paintings
Starfleet Dreams - The Bedding

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