Star Trek UI Recolor Mod

This has to be the single most time consuming project I've ever worked on!! There were hundreds of files to recolor, and then not only taking pictures of the sims, but posing them correctly added to my insanity...LOL...but in the end I am quite pleased with the result!

I bring you....drum roll please....

The very first completely recolored and themed UI Recolor!

You are either going to love it, or hate it, but at least I'm hoping to make you all say "WOW!"

**Almost everything has been recolored. The only things not recolored were the tiny little icons because even I'm not that obsessive.  :$ Also, some of the backgrounds in the frames are the original Maxis color because for some reason, they were not included in the UI files. (believe me, I checked!) And I didn't recolor the text because I can't find the correct file to do it, but I personally think the maxis color goes nicely with my golden tones.  ;)

Main Logo Extra
**Another note - I had a slight issue dealing with the very first picture. It replaces the Sims 2 Logo, but because my computer is very finicky it wouldn't read it as a recolor. So I had to go into the main files and change it manually. I've included an extra download entitled "Main Logo Extra". If your computer decides to join mine in mutiny, and refuses to show the new Logo, and you really detest the original Logo, you can follow the directions included in that zip to change it yourself!

**You can only have ONE Ui recolor in your downloads folder at a time. Let me clarify..... If you are using PidgiePower's recolor, then mine won't work, and vice versa. I realize mine has 10 files, but they all work together, so it's ok to have all 10 in your Downloads folder. I hope that explains it!  :)

Download Instructions!

Well, these are large files, and Media Fire won't let me upload them as one huge file, so I had to upload them seperately! That being said, you will need to download each file that corresponds with each Expansion you have. Which means if you have the Base Game, Uni and Mansions & Gardens, then you need to download each file. If you have them all, then you'll need to download them all! They build on the previous expansion, so it's important to get each one for each expansion you have.

If you don't have the Expansion, then please don't put the file in your Downloads Folder!!


This has also been posted on MTS - for full list of credits, please go here: Star Trek UI Recolor on Mod the Sims


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