Spring Fever Kitchen

I do believe this is my first official kitchen recolor! Everything is maxis, there is no custom content.
This is even a Picked upload over on MTS!

I love the Chez Moi counters. However, I also like my kitchen to match and was a bit sad that there were no matching chairs or tables or appliances, etc... So I decided to fix it! I recolored everything to match them! The appliances now match the wood finish of the counters and the table/chairs coordinate as well! There is no floor because Maxis has a great selection to choose from. I've included in the Collection File everything I've used for my kitchen, even if it wasn't recolored. I hope you enjoy this!

What's included:

Collection File - do NOT put this in your Downloads folder. It goes into your Collections Folder.

 Base Game items:

ErgoSupreme Dining Chair
Bon Apetit Dining Chair
Discourse Dining Chair
Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtains

Free Time items:

Living Room with Man and Woman by Peter Lighten
The Official Fighting Llama Wall Clock
EliteChef Home Range
Cryonic Fresh
Gravitrash by Jackson Compaction
The Dish De-atomizer

Download this file:

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