One-Zero: Bynar

Bynars are from a small planet called Bynaus. They live in pairs, connected electronically and genetically to each other and the Planetary Computer that runs their society. Upon adulthood, they are assigned to their Bynary Unit and their combined capabilities are astounding!

If one of the pair dies, then it is traditional for the other to return to Bynaus where they are paired with another. Any Bynar who does not return to Bynaus has their unique identification code removed from the computer network. 

In the 24th century, Starfleet employed Bynars to perform computer upgrades on its ships.

Unfortunately, One-Zero's partner met with an untimely death when the computer they were working on exploded.  After months of extensive care One-Zero opted not to return to Bynaus, instead choosing to remain with the Starfleet personnel who saved her.  She has, in true Bynar fashion, adapted to life as a single unit and can more often than not be found in Ten-Forward.

One-Zero is packed with blue eyes, but I am including a pair of purple ones if you so choose.

Don't forget to grab the other Bynar Uniforms here!  These are for the whole family!

Download:  Bynar Eye - Purple

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