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This is my dream castle! It's quite spacious in design, has a mostly open floor plan, and is very easy to play. I've purposefully left it sparsely decorated to keep the cost down, also to allow you to decorate it according to your Lords and Ladies tastes.  There's even enough room to make more rooms, if you need them.  

LOT Size: 4x3
Price Tag: $586,909
3 Floors


Master Bedroom & Bath
Guest Bedroom
2 Guest Bathrooms
Living/Dining Room
Palatial Pool

The biggest feature is the pool! I had so much fun decorating this area! 

I hope you like it as much as I do!

FYI -  It does require all the Expansions and Stuff Packs! I had so much fun with it, I didn't even bother checking what I was using! 




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