Miradorns: AhKel & LoRal

Quark calls the Miradorn a "quarrelsome people." But this description doesn't give them justice. The Miradorn are a species where a set of twins possess an almost symbiotic relationship, not two, but as one individual. When one dies the surviving twin is thrown into physical and mental chaos. And when one is murdered the other will stop at nothing to avenge his death.

Ah-Kel's brother was murdered by a Rakharian named Croden. And despite his long absences in search of this vile creature, his mate, Lo-Ral, is quite content to wait at home. But she would like to enlist your help!

She is asking for you to download them into your game so that they may search this murderer out, dispose of him, and continue their happy lives together again.

Please don't fail them now!! Download them today!

The Miradorn were only seen once in the entire Star Trek series, in one episode of Deep Space Nine. And they didn't show the females. So I've taken the liberty of creating my own.

I didn't intend Ah-Kel to be an exact match for the guy in the show, as his uniform was quite difficult to copy (it involved long prison like stripes) and I wanted to emphasize his forehead a little. So he's similar, but unique

Ah-Kel's Uniform Top needs Nightlife and his Pants need Open For Business.
Lo-Ral is base game compliant.

Custom Content by Me:                      
Ah-Kel the Miradorn Sim
  • Miradorn Eyes
  • Miradorn Skintone Genetic                  
  • Miradorn Male Uniform Top
  • Miradorn Male Pants
Lo-Ral the Miradorn
  • Miradorn Eyes
  • Miradorn Skintone Genetic
  • Miradorn Adult Female Uniform

Download this file:  Miradorn: Ah-Kel & Lo-Ral

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