Maui Vacation Paintings

I just thought I would share with you a few of the photos from one of my vacations to the beautiful island of Maui!

I've used  JustMoi's "Majestic Glamour" Mesh because I loved the size and the frame! Thank you JustMoi!!!

These photos were tweaked just a little in Gimp to make them look more like paintings than photos, so I hope you like the effect!

The first painting is Pohaku Park, or as we called it, "The Baby Beach". 

It's just a small little crescent cut out where the road dips down, but we found it very beautiful just the same! Also, we found quite a few shells and lots of sea glass here, thanks to my Hubby, my Personal Snorkler

The 2nd picture was taken from the boardwalk at Ka'Anapali Shores. 

It's actually a lovely beach that stretches out forever, very popular with the tourists, especially since most of the major hotels are lined up right next to it

(You can see the island of Molokai in this picture, in the distance.)

The next one was taken at sunset in downtown LaHaina, in the harbor.

LaHaina is very touristy, and its where the Cruise Ships drop off their passengers for a day of shopping! Lots of shops, a few small beaches, and the Haggen-Daz ice cream is perfect for dripping on your shirt on a warm day!! 

(Just a little note...the boat that is tilted to the side in the picture in the distance cannot be removed! By law, it's stuck there forever because it happened to wreck on a protected coral reef!)

The other three pictures were taken as we drove halfway around the island, on our own personal little tour! The highway actually follows the edge of the island almost exclusively, so we were pleasantly surprised by all the nice photo ops!

Anyway! I hope you enjoy these little treasures in your game. I'm positive your Sims will love them!! 

As the Hawaiians say - Aloha and Mahalo!! (goodbye and thank you!)
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