Jo'Bril - A Takaran Native

The Takarans are a humanoid species native to the planet Takara.

Takarans are characterized by a very unusual anatomy and physiology where their internal organs are not as distinct as those of most humanoids – their organ systems are much more evenly distributed around their bodies, resulting in Takarans having a very high resistance to injury. Takarans also have voluntary control over their own physiology down to a cellular level and can place themselves in a form of stasis resembling death.

To Starfleet medical equipment, only the rate of cellular decay could verify whether a Takaran was dead or alive – a slow rate of cellular decay was indicative of a Takaran in voluntary stasis; the rate of cellular decay would be much faster if the Takaran were truly dead – this was unknown to Doctor Beverly Crusher until 2369.

Takarans are also able to put only a part of their body in stasis at a time, enabling them to slow injury in specific areas and thereby reduce the overall effects of the injury. (TNG: "Suspicions")

All info was taken directly from here!

There's very few pictures of this guy! LOL So, aside from his face, I had pretty much creative license to make his skin look however I wanted. I think I got his face pretty close to the original, and I was quite pleased when I saw him in game! He truly looks awesome! 

And if you look closely, his eye has a blue membrane that covers the very bottom part of the pupil, so I just had to create eyes that matched!

So here is a picture of what his skintone looks like, without the outfit.

Now, to avoid problems, he comes packed in Maxis clothes with Maxis hair. But when I found the outfit I've got pictured, I just knew it was perfect for him! So I didn't make him an outfit. But you can follow the following link to get it.

Download this file:

As a bonus, the last picture I'll show you is one of his wife and baby son!

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