Jaeger Prvi...Chapter Two

Groaning in pleasure, I rolled over and stretched. Coming fully to myself, I sat up and rubbed my face, relishing the fading images that were still torturing my mind. Lifting my arms above my head, joining my hands, I stretched again and worked out all the kinks that sleep had given me.

Today is the day!

With that thought I bounded from my bed and reached for the communication I had received 3 days earlier. Had it truly been only 4 days since I had met her? Only 4 days, and her beautiful countenance still caused my heart to roll over and take up a steady thumping within my breast. Perusing the pad in my hands, I absentmindedly punched in my order from the Replicator, my mind combing over the details to make sure everything had been taken care of lest our day be spoiled. Grunting with satisfaction, I tossed the pad onto a nearby desk and reached for the Prune juice that had just materialized before me. A warrior's drink indeed, I had to agree, slugging back the contents before turning to make myself presentable.

I was to meet Casya near the shuttle bay.

On the way there I struggled to keep control of my thoughts. I had been given the third slot, she had all ready spent two days with two of my other competitors. In spite of my self control, just the thought of other men competing for her affections made me want to hunt them down and rip them apart, feeding them to the Carnivorous Rastipods on Bajor piece by glorious piece. Her smiling welcome saved me from my unbridled urges.

"Jaeger," she welcomed warmly, enfolding me in her embrace.

"Casya," I rejoined, enjoying her embrace.

Her hands on my forearms, she leaned back slightly to wink at me. "So, mighty Hunter, where will we be spending the day?"

I laughed at the twinkle of teasing in her eyes and effortlessly dropped into her mirth. "Oh no, my Zoete Liefde," I teased back, lifting one finger to gently wag it in mock sternness. "It will not be so easy for you today."

Her laughter fell across me like a healing balm and deep inside I knew that I had to somehow make this delightful creature my own.

In the midst of our carefree banter the pilot I had hired the day before approached and directed us to our shuttle. As we lifted into the air, I forced myself to ask her about her previous dates so that she would know that I am interested in knowing her, all of her there is to know. I commiserated with her over the troubles that seemed to fall, but secretly I was gloating over the fact that there was no way anything could go wrong on our date today.

We were nearing our destination so I pointed out the viewport. Casya gasped and bounced a little on her seat, clapping her hands in glee. Smoky eyes turned to mine as she breathed, "Oh, the cliffs of Galatha. Perfect!" she crooned, leaning one delicate jade hand upon my thigh. "Now I understand why you insisted I dress sturdy."

I smiled and nodded, feeling the sudden urge to take her into my arms and....I fought off the unbidden thoughts, steeling myself against her pheremones and replied almost casually, "Yes, I knew that you are a woman of challenge, and I have heard there is no greater challenge on Risa than facing the cliffs."

As the blue light of a transporter enveloped us, I gave her a wink, and the grey metal walls of the shuttle evaporated into a jungle, rich with tree's and the calls of wild creatures scurrying about.

We found ourselves standing at the base of the cliffs. She put her hands on her hips and leaned her head back, admiring the sheer wall rising above us. I pretended to do the same, but if truth be told, I only had eyes for her. She looked ravishing in her grey and turquoise outfit, her lush black tresses pulled back to expose her long and graceful neck. I nearly shuddered with the effort of controlling myself. Those darn pheremones!

"Well," she practically sang to me in her eagerness, motioning toward the cliff, "Shall we start? Or are we going to stand here like a couple of Denubian Slugs while the day gets away from us?"

I grinned at the challenge in her voice.

As one we turned to the cliff and found the first notch that would begin our climb. At first I hung back a little, wanting to be there in case these cliffs turned treacherous, but upon hearing Casya's giggle and seeing her rapid increase of speed, I knew that my challenge was to simply keep up with her!

The cliffs were invigorating, moody and replete with sudden changes. I was about one fourth of the way up when the notch I had tucked my foot into suddenly smoothed out and left my left leg dangling. Casya's sudden gasp of surprise above me told me she too had experienced this twist to our climb. It became a race, not just against each other, but against the cliff. The farther up we went, the faster the footholds and notches changed beneath our grip. A feeling of panic flowered within me as I stretched for the next notch. My eyes caught Casya's and just for a moment I saw the same panic mirrored in her eyes. We grinned in understanding. This panic invigorated us, renewed our strength, and challenged us to continue.

By the time I caught up with her, Casya had found a natural ledge to rest upon. I climbed up next to her and leaned back, letting my panting breath even out to match hers. "Look," she commanded, nodding her head toward the forest. The view was breathtaking. The green foilage spread out before us like a newly laid carpet was thick and healthy, only giving way to the majestic towers and spires of Risa's resorts that glittered along the seashore like pearls strung delicately along a woman's neckline. We watched a Risian bird soar up from its nest and prepared ourselves for the next journey up the cliff.

We fell into a rythym, Casya and I, and though the cliff's challenges grew, so did our ability to foresee the changes.

By the time we pulled ourselves to the top we were panting and laughing with abandon. Throwing ourselves down onto the lush grass that awaited our footsteps, Casya turned to me and said, "Thank you Jaeger, I haven't had this much fun in ages."

I pulled myself up to lean on one hand and reached over to gently tuck an errant strand of hair behind her ear. "The fun has only just begun, my Worthy Prey," I murmured, giving her a quick peck on the lips before surging to my feet, pulling her up with me.

We turned and made our way along a little path that led toward the sound of water, her hand resting snugly in mine. I honestly cannot say what we talked about. I was too lost in her presence for anything to really register, but as we came around a bend in the path I was glad that the Risians were so accomodating. There, set against the dazzling backdrop of a clear waterfall, a picnic basket was snugged up against a tree, complete with a bottle of wine produced from Risa's own vineyards. I was almost giddy with relief that my request had been granted and we both sank onto the blanket and reached into the basket.

While we ate, our conversation turned to her job in Starfleet. A Hirogen led a solitary life, for the most part, and having known no other life I found myself fascinated with the concept of working together. She explained the regulations, and gave me funny anecdotes that caused me to laugh uproarously. I asked her about a rumor that dealt with Starfleet Intelligence and immediately regretted it. I could feel the sudden tension spring up between us and her shoulders stiffened, while at the same time she deftly ignored the question by trying to distract me by pointing out the Risian turtle that had just popped it's head up to observe us.

Realizing my mistake, I pulled her into my arms and with her snuggled up against me I allowed her to redirect our conversation to safer ground. I would not make that mistake again.

By the time the twin suns had reached their zenith in the sky, we were fully rested and ready to tackle the rest of the day. A few kilometers away, carved into the mossy stone, was an opening to a cave. Casya was equally pleased by this second choice of our date. The many caves on Risa were reknowned throughout the galaxy for their unique plantlife and rock formations.

I followed her to the mouth of the cave. Hesitating, she briefly glanced back and smiled at me, before leading us into plunging darkness.


The darkness gave way to brilliant flashes of jewels amid the mossy stone, the cavern we found ourselves in lit up by ethereal lanterns. Upon closer inspection, we found these were not man made at all, but jewel encrusted formations lit up from within by some unknown source. Further in, we found ourselves surrounded by vivid neon colors, each crystal and rock presenting us with a new insight into the formation of this cave.


We had been inside the cave for maybe one earth hour, at the most two, when we caught site of an underground pool up ahead. Casya exclaimed in glee, hurrying her pace with the thought of dipping her toes in the gurgling water that sparkled attractively, winking at us in the reflections of the crystal garden that surrounded it. I chuckled to myself at her eagerness, letting her move ahead. In the midst of my laughter I felt the back of my neck tingle with warning.

Immediately I was on guard. Against what, I had no idea. Glancing around, casually rubbing my neck, I searched for the reason my alarm had been raised. Carefully I searched the shadowed rock that surrounded us but there was nothing there. I forcefully pushed the warning away, telling myself that Risa boasted a danger free atmosphere, at least from the wildflife.

Nevertheless, I hurried my pace to catch up to my date.

We spent some time at the pool, playfully splashing each other, before slipping our shoes on and continuing our exploring.

But the longer we spent in the cave, the deeper we went, the more uneasy I felt. Casya must have felt it too, because she turned to me with a puzzled glance from across the cavern where she had been studying a particularly brilliant plant on the cave's floor, a question on her lips.

Without warning, a terrifying squeal sounded from the passageway behind her, the sound of claws scratching their way toward us! Casya turned, surprise splashing across her features, as a great beast galloped toward her!

I reacted on pure instinct and ran to meet it, straining to reach her first. Just barely, in the nick of time, I managed to grasp her waist and swing her out of it's path. She stumbled backwards, but there was no time for me to steady her, as the beast skidded to a stop and whirled toward me, it's jaws dripping saliva to mingle with the dust. Snarling, it reared it's massive head and challenged me, uttering a low gutteral growl deep within it's throat.

I met it's challenge, throwing my head back and roaring my own declaration, the rush of pure adrenaline pumping me full of unending power.

We came together in one mighty clash of strength, my bare hands reaching out to inflict as much damage as I could to this beast who dared to threaten my Casya! Roaring in ecstatic glee, I managed to wrestle the beast to the cavern floor, evading his snapping jaws, the bloodlust spreading over me like a mantle. It turned it's head lightening fast, trying to rip out the tendons in my arm, but met my fist instead. I laughed and grunted my pleasure, as it's precious lifeblood began to trickle from it's mouth. Snarling with rage, it tried again to twist in my grasp, valient in it's efforts at victory. But my own strength was waning, when through the haze of frenzied battle I heard something that astounded me.

Casya was cheering me on, shouting and urging me to finish the task! This woman was a mystery, a most satisfying enigma. When most females would be cowering in the corner, awaiting whatever fate would be dealt to them, she was fighting my battle as well. I could hear it in her voice, the same urge to overcome this beast, the same bloodlust sang out to encourage me. My strength returned to me, and I closed my arms firmly around it's neck, and squeezed.

I felt it's life drain out from it. The beast in my arms gave one last mighty heave, then whimpered in surrender and slumped toward the cavern floor. Panting, gasping for breath, I released it and lifted my eyes to the now silent woman across from me. What I saw sent me over the edge. She too was panting, her eyes wild with the victory, a slight smile tugging at her lips. I breathed in deeply, catching the aroma of her scent, threw my head back and roared. As the echo died I started toward her, and she met me halfway.

We came together in a clash of mounting passion. Our senses still heightened by the battle, heady with victory, our lips meeting in a crush of desire. For a few moments we lost ourselves in the heat of the moment, the bloodlust setting our passions to blazing. "Casya," I moaned, kissing her firm lips again and again.

She groaned in pleasure and leaned into my embrace, matching my heat with her own.

Slowly, my restraint reawakened and began to pluck at my thoughts. With every ounce of my strength I began to suppress these raging emotions that had swept over me. "Casya..." I panted, withdrawing my lips from hers, pulling back just enough to hungrily search her eyes. "we must stop."

Her breath coming in short gasps, she nodded slightly in agreement, and I could see her reach for her own self control. "Yes," she whispered in agreement, "My pheremones...lost control..." She laughed and we pulled apart, the heat of the moment dissipating like the steam from the baths on Risa.

Carefully she reached out and nudged the beast with her foot. "Strange creature," she murmured, studying it carefully, cocking her head in thought.

"Yes," I agreed, coming to her side, also studying it. "I've never seen it's like."

"No, me neither, and it's not native to Risa," she stated firmly, glancing up to catch my eye.

I shrugged and rolled my neck, still invigorated from the battle. "It will make a nice trophy."

She nodded and I saw a glimmer of mischief in her glance. "Hmmmm, yes, I suppose it would be a nice addition to my decor."

Trying to stuff down the sudden flare of confusion, I merely shrugged and nodded, agreeing with her. After all, the females of my species didn't take trophies. They were never allowed on the Hunt. But perhaps Orions did not share the same tradition, I mused. Coming to a decision, I nodded and reached to pick it up, saying, "Yes, Casya, I will carry it for you. But we must inform Risa about this beast first..."

I felt her delicate fingers clasp my own. Tugging me toward her she reached up and gently caressed my face. For just a moment I saw the hint of passion in her eyes as she said, "Jaeger, the trophy is yours. You earned it. Thank you for saving my life."

I grinned and nodded, accepting her words. A moment more we lingered, lost in each other's eyes, before we turned back to the beast. Slinging it over my shoulder, I followed Casya out of the cave, more determined than ever to win her heart.

2013 - KJWereb

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