Jaeger Prvi...Chapter Four

So here we are. Standing here staring at each other like a pack of wolves, scenting the air, taking stock of each other's weaknesses, wondering how to increase our chances at survival. Finally I meet my rivals. Ko'rdon and Bodhi. I wonder if they realize that I would like nothing better than to rip their limbs from their bodies and scatter the remains throughout the stars, I muse to myself, grinning. I must be making Bodhi nervous, he refuses to look at me, and Ko'rdon is a typical Klingon, hard to read. But for sweet Casya, I probably would have followed through on my thoughts.

Ah, Casya, I think, my heart turning tender at just the thought of her name. She's here too, making small talk, trying to ease the undercurrent of competitive rivalry that is running between us. I turn my attention to her and lose myself in her sweet words.

Suddenly she squeals with glee and hurries to meet a burly orion just coming around the corner. As they fall into each other's arms with glad abandon my jaw nearly drops to the ground in recognition!

They pull apart and before Casya can start the introductions he spies me and breaks into a grin. "Jaeger!" he exclaims, crossing the distance to clasp my forearm in greeting.

"Thelen?" I reply, returning his greeting enthusiastically, laughing. "You old tarhg! I had no idea you were Casya's brother."

He laughed, throwing back his head with typical abandon, but before he could respond Casya broke into our conversation. "You two know each other?"

As one, we turned to her and said, "Yes! We ..."

Laughing, I gesture toward Thelen to continue, ignoring the sullen looks I'm receiving from the other two. "We happened to meet each other in the Acamar system," he grinned, slapping me on the back.

"It turns out we were hunting the same prey," I interjected.

"And we decided to join forces and share the bounty."

"Only I didn't know Thelen was his real name, of course," I joked.

Raising one slender eyebrow, Casya linked her arm through his and gave me a wink. "Sounds like too good a story to pass up." I grinned at her impishness and stood back, comfortable now, as she turned to introduce her brother to my competitors.

Things were definitely going my way.

Without incident we boarded the shuttle that would take us to Earth. San Francisco to be exact. Where hopefully Casya will take her last mission from Starfleet and be free to pursue....other adventures. Taking up where we left off, Thelen and I began to spin the tale of our meeting, and I was thrilled when Casya settled next to me. Her hand on my thigh, leaning slightly toward me, I could see that she was as wrapped up in her brother's tale as I was. Even the other two seemed interested, for their scant chatter fell off and they turned their attention to Thelen.

We had just gotten to the part where we were facing off against a Promellian when the shuttle rocked and bucked. Instantly the warning beacons flared red against the hull and before we had a chance to respond we felt the slight tug of gravity loosen it's hold on us and we began to drift from our seats.

Not all of us handled the transition well.

The pilot was shouting something about failed Inertial Dampeners and a transporter beam, Bhodi was flailing like a fish out of water, Ko'rdon was eyeing Bhodi like a stuffed tarhg, Casya was filling the shuttle with her exquisite laughter despite her surprise, and Thelen was...I had to look twice! "Thelen!" I called, trying to stuff my incredulous laughter down, "You're stiff as a board!"

With a calmness that astounded me he replied, staring straight ahead, refusing to meet anyone's panicked eyes, "I've found that flailing and floating do not go well with my stomach."

"Oh Thelen," Casya purred sympathetically, trying to float toward him.

That was the last thing I remembered...

...until waking up behind a forcefield.

Groggily I came to. Feeling the hardness of the bench beneath me brought sudden clarification to my drug induced sleep. I leapt to my feet knowing I would not find myself in the shuttle's medical bay. Casting my eyes about, I noticed the other three members of our little cell, but was panicked to find that Casya was missing! Surging forward, I called Thelen's name and grabbed his arm, shaking him a little. He came up swinging, muttering a curse. I ducked and blocked his punch, even as full wakefulness came to him, and he sheepishly shrugged in apology. "Casya's gone!" I told him, the panic creeping at the edge of my voice.

"Casya's gone?"

As one we turned to find Bodhi rubbing the back of his neck in confusion. Ko'rdon was just rolling from his slumber as well. As the full import of our situation dawned on us, we eagerly tore the room apart, searching for a way out. But there was none.

We could see an empty computer station in the room beyond, but no living person. With no way out, we were stuck.

"Okay, here's the plan," Thelen began, fierce anger written across his face. "We wait..."

"Wait," Ko'rdon sneered, crossing his arms belligerently, obviously disgusted at the thought.

"Yes," he repeated, staring the Klingon down, "We wait. Someone is bound to show up to check on us."

"And when he comes, we'll be ready," I crowed in agreement, letting the promise of battle warm my heart. All I could think of was Casya, sweet Casya, and the torment she may be going through. It caused my blood to erupt in fierce protectiveness and my fingers itched to feel the flesh of my prey beneath them.

"What about Casya?" Bodhi asked.

"What about me?" came a voice that surely belonged to the sweetest vision of loveliness in the Quadrant.

Surprise stole our thoughts as we all swung our eyes to the doorway where the forcefield once stood. She crossed her arms and laughed. "Hello Boys, did you miss me?"

I was the first to recover and crossed the distance with my eyes, willing her to see how much I longed to take her into my arms and caress her with all the love I was feeling. Her eyes lit with pleasure and promise and I couldn't help the surge of eagerness that welled up within me. By then Thelen had reached over and pulled her into a brief embrace, and the others were clamoring for attention as well. She merely lifted her hand and we all fell into silence. Turning to me, she asked, "Do you know who did this?"

"No. We haven't seen anyone."

Thelen added, "The technology looks familiar."

Casya nodded in agreement and led us out into the room beyond.

Cautiously we spread out, searching for a clue as to where we were. Casya seated herself at a computer console and I followed, wanting to steal a few moments alone, while the others were occupied. Before I could ask she reached out to tap on the console, saying, "Hopefully we can find out where our shuttle is."

Observing her careful movements, noting the way she calmly faced the situation, told me that she had had similar experiences and a feeling of pride surged within my breast. "Have you seen the pilot?" I asked, suddenly realizing he was missing.

Concern flashed across her pretty brow. She wrinkled her eyes in concentration and looked up at me. Quietly, she answered, "No. No, I haven't."

I nodded, all ready assessing the situation. I reached out a comforting hand to lay upon her shoulder, enjoying the silky feel of her skin despite myself. "So, that was a pretty neat trick," I told her, trying to distract her. "Just how did you get out of your cell?"

Immediate laughter bubbled up and she half shrugged. "Well, it wasn't so hard to do. But, girls need their secrets, you know."

I laughed with her, accepting her brush off, knowing that there was plenty of time to discover all the mystery that surrounded this woman.

"Jaeger," she said suddenly, placing her hand on mine, which still rested on her shoulder, "I'm glad you know my brother." She took a deep breath and I almost swear I saw a fine misting of moisture surface in her smoky eyes. "He's...he's all I have, and I worry about him chasing all over the Quadrant, alone. It's nice to know that he's found a friend."

I gently squeezed her shoulder in response, meeting her gaze warmly. Words were not needed.

But by this time the others had made their way back over to us and Casya resumed her perusal of the computer console. I could tell that Ko'rdon and Bodhi weren't happy at the turn of events, but I knew that only one of us would win her heart, and I was going to do everything in my power to make it be me!

"There it is!" she exclaimed, pointing to a blip on the screen.

"Hmmm, we'll have to take this path here," Thelen agreed, letting his finger follow the schematic.

“We didn’t find any weapons,” Bodhi interrupted, addressing Casya in an attempt to gain her full attention.

Before she could reply Ko’rdon shook himself out of his pout and replied, dripping sarcasm, “Klingons do not require weapons.”

Bodhi opened his mouth to protest, I crossed my arms and met Thelen’s bemused glance with my own, as Casya pushed back her chair and stood, putting her hand on her hips in frustration. “Oh come now Boys, let’s not fight. Save it for the Nausicaans.”

“Nausicaans!” Bodhi squeaked.

“Nausicaans,” Ko’rdon growled.

“Nausicaans?” I asked.

For a moment they all turned to me in stunned silence. Then Casya came to my rescue. “You’ve only been in the Quadrant, what, five years?” At my terse nod she brushed back a stray lock of hair and smiled at me encouragingly. “The Nausicaans are an ill-tempered, surly race. They hold grudges and are quick to judgment.”

“They’re pirates and thieves,” Bodhi added, nodding succinctly, taking the lead.

“They are without Honor.”

“Yes,” Thelen agreed, nodding at the Klingon before continuing, “Definitely without Honor. They even managed to severely injure the great Captain Picard when he was just a young Cadet!”

My thoughts winged over to my friend Kamin and Casya’s eyes met mine in a knowing glance. But before I could reply Bodhi rounded the corner and let out a terrified scream of surprise.

Luckily for us, the small band of Nausicaans were as equally surprised. Their hesitation gave us the advantage. Quickly leaping forward, Casya brought her fist up and forward, crushing the first guy's windpipe before he even had a chance to respond. The others blinked at her for a moment, shocked by the deadly savagery of a woman so small, even as their comrade sank to the floor in his death throes. Her eyes sparkling with the first flush of battle Casya turned and caught my eye. Calling out, she challenged, “Come on Boys! I’ve seen slugs moving faster than you!”

What a woman!

As one we surged toward each other, taking Casya’s words as our battle cry.

The fight was glorious! It was always this way. There was something…satisfying…about using the strength of your own hands to defeat your enemy. The crunch of bones, the slap of flesh against flesh, the groans of pain poured like water upon my parched soul. I laughed in intense pleasure.

Hearing an answering laugh, I caught sight of Casya. Her eyes were shining, her face suffused with sweet joy as she wrapped her arms around her foe’s meaty neck and squeezed. Her eyes caught mine again and I could see that she, too, felt it.

And then suddenly it was over.

Glancing around, I saw that we had all overcome our enemies. Even my competitors, much to my surprise. To be honest, I didn’t think they had it in them. Well, maybe the Klingon, they were known for their fighting ability. But not the Trill. He just didn’t look the type. In spite of myself, I was impressed.

A quick search through the bodies didn’t turn up any weapons. Apparently these Nausicaans enjoyed hand to hand combat as much as I, unless being on their home territory made their defenses sloppy. It had happened to the best of us at one time or another. When the Trill complained about their lack, Casya shrugged nonchalantly and said, “We can take them.”

Oh how I love this woman!

Thelen and I fell in directly behind Casya, leaving the other two to bring up the rear. We crept forward in silence for the first few moments until Thelen subtly traded places with his sister. Good old Thelen, I thought, grinning to myself. Her shoulder brushed against mine as she matched my pace. The slight contact caused fire to burn its way through my body and it took every ounce of control not to pull her into my arms. To cover my reaction I asked the first thing that popped into my head. “How well do you know these Nausicaans?”

She eyed me carefully, and I could see her weighing her response. Her luminous eyes flicked up to where Thelen walked, then back to me. “I’ve had some dealings with them,” she nodded, her look taking me into her confidence.

My voice dropped instinctively. “So, it’s safe to say, your Prey has become the Hunter.”

“Yes,” she replied casually, nodding. “Thelen and I, well, let’s just say that we interrupted one of their raiding parties. They weren’t too happy about it.”

“Ahh,” I breathed, reading between the lines. Thelen and Casya were the reason behind this abduction. I almost laughed aloud when I realized that the Nausicaans trap had turned in on itself! I gave her a wolfish grin and a wink, assuring her with a glance that I would remain silent, to which she smiled softly before hurrying to where her brother was cautiously peering around an open doorway.

I joined them at the door, waving the other two back when they attempted to crowd their way in, slightly amused at their sullenness at not being included. Honestly, there wasn’t room for all of us to stand without being detected! Thelen put his finger to his lips and allowed me to take his place.

“There’s the pilot,” Casya whispered, motioning to the man slumped against the far wall.

“And the shuttle,” I agreed, taking in the room’s view carefully.

We watched as one of the two Nausicaans strode over and kicked the young pilot in his side. Loud chortles of glee erupted and I barely caught Casya’s arm before she hurled herself into the Shuttle Bay. She gave me an irritated look, but I could see reason win out and she forced herself to remain where she was, for the moment.

It didn’t take long for that incredible mind of hers to come up with a plan. She stood up and motioned to us, outlining her plan with as few words as possible. In spite of the risk, Thelen and I nodded, agreeing that this just might be the only way to save the pilot and wrest back control of our Shuttle. Ko’rdon grunted his agreement, still put out, and Bodhi nodded, nervously moistening his lips with his tongue.

Casya, in the mean time, strode boldly into the Bay.

Unprepared for her sudden appearance, the two of them stood there stupidly, blinking at the sudden intrusion. That hesitation cost them their lives.

We watched in stunned silence at the beauty of her attack. With undeniable grace and precision she feinted to the left, drawing the first of her Prey easily into her trap. As he lunged after her and caught empty air he suddenly realized his mistake, but it was too late. Even as he spun to block her, the blade she had knocked from his grasp sunk deep into his heart, and the scream he uttered got caught on the rising gurgle of his own blood.

Thinking he had the advantage, the second one came at her from the side, only to be met by the fluid glory of a roundhouse kick to the temple. Stunned, he staggered and fell to his knee’s, shaking his massive head. In an effort at survival, he tried to stand. But Casya anticipated his move, grabbed his head, and with a quick jerk to the left, dropped him to the floor.

Watching her stand there, hands on her hips, chest heaving from the exertion, I suddenly found myself overcome with such intense emotions that I felt a tremble go through my entire body!

Never had I known a woman such as this!

As a species, the Hirogen prided themselves on the Hunt. Seeking Prey is the only worthy goal of pursuit. But the Hunt belongs only to the male. For eons my fellow Hunters had looked down upon any female who dared to attempt the Hunt. The female’s primary focus was to produce more Hunters. It was the way things were, and always would be.

But now, seeing this incredible woman standing over her Trophies, I am forced to step away from the traditions my culture has force fed me since infancy. This woman, this amazingly beautiful woman, has shown me what it means to be equal! I would never be the same again.

As Bodhi and Ko’rdon race to help the injured Starfleet officer, and Thelen turns to prepare the Shuttle for departure, I only have eyes for Casya.

Regardless of who she ultimately chooses, for this moment, she is mine.

We meet in the middle of the Bay and I wrap her firmly in my embrace. “Casya,” I murmur tenderly between each panting kiss, breathing in deeply of her scent, heedless of those who surround us. “Thank you.”

She leans back slightly, delicate brow puckered in mild confusion. “Thank you?”

Lost in her eyes, all I can whisper is, “for teaching me.”

She hesitates, pondering my words, until the dawn of understanding brightens her gorgeous eyes. “You’re welcome, my sweet Jaeger,“ she whispers against my lips, giggling softly as our passion mounts.

“Ahem,” someone says, breaking into our passionate embrace. Laughing, we fall apart and I see the faint blush that blooms across her perfect olive skin. Turning, we find her brother standing, arms crossed, a frown upon his face. “Everything’s a go,” he mutters darkly.

For a moment I think he’s serious, but then I notice the lurking glee hidden in his eyes, and relax again. Casya simply grins at him, gives me a sultry wink, and turns to enter the Shuttle. Ignoring the murderous glare from Ko’rdon, and the deeply offended Bodhi, I brush past them to settle into my seat.

Chuckling to himself, Thelen claps me on the shoulder as he passes and takes his place at the helm. Our escape is without incident and as the green and blue of earth fills our view screen, I look forward to the upcoming Ceremony.

No matter whom she chooses, I have found my life far richer just for being in her presence.

2013 - KJWereb

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