Jaeger Prvi - Chapter Six

Time seemed to stand still as we smiled at each other.

“LeAnna,” I repeated, loving the way her name sounded on my tongue. I gestured toward a table set slightly apart from the rest. “Would you like to join me?” I asked, all thoughts of leaving fleeing before her beauty.

She nodded and willingly followed me to the table, where we both sank down and stared at each other until the waiter coughed slightly to alert us to his presence. She blushed and glanced away, and I couldn’t help the thrill that ripped through my heart. I ordered prune juice, she order fish juice, and we lost ourselves in each other’s eyes as we waited for our drinks.

Conversation was tentative at first, as if we were both aware of the feeling of connection that had miraculously drawn us together and were hesitant to break it. But after a few moments we fell into each other’s lives, laughing over experiences from our past, amazed at the similarities that existed between us, exploring this newfound friendship that we had stumbled upon.

“So,” she asked at last, when the morning had waxed into the afternoon, “What brings you to Risa?”

I hesitated, not sure I should tell her the reason, unsure if it would ruin the camaraderie we had found between us. But, as I watched her sip her drink, her gorgeous grey-blue eyes wide and expectant as she waited, I knew that I could be nothing less than truthful in my reply. I took a deep breath, and said, “I came because one year ago I entered a contest, and lost.”

Her brow wrinkled in confusion. “Contest?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “It was a Bachelorette contest, and Risa was where we first met.”

“Oh, I see,” she replied, nodding her head. “I think I remember that one. It was broadcast clear out to Cardassia. Wasn’t the winner a Klingon?”

“Yes. Kor’don.”

“So, do you still love her?” she asked, leaning forward, looking me in the eye.

I grimaced. “At first, I was… devastated,” I admitted, shrugging, “and I felt that I had lost my way. So for the past year I have pursued the Hunt and pushed thoughts of her away. My travels have brought me back into the planet’s orbit, and I thought I would revisit the places we once walked, to test the ways of my heart.” I leaned forward. *And do you know what I have found?”

“What?” she breathed.

“I am free,” I whispered, smiling at her and giving a wink.

Her face bloomed scarlet and she dipped her head, returning my smile. “I am so glad, Jaeger. So glad.”

I paused to take in her happy reaction, then asked, “And you, LeAnna, why are you here on Risa?”

Like a shadow covering the sun her mood darkened and she swallowed nervously, refusing to meet my eyes. “It’s hard to say, Jaeger,” she muttered, and I wondered at the sudden rush of tears that threatened to spill from her lovely eyes.

My warrior’s heart went out to her and I stretched my hand across the table to enfold hers in mine. “Then do not say it,” I said quietly, firmly.

Watching her fight back the emotion that played across her features, I was willing to let it go. But after a moment she sniffed back the tears, straightened her shoulders, and turned her hand up to grasp mine. “No. I will tell it,” she said, meeting my eyes. “I am here because in five days I must marry a man that I do not care for, let alone know very well.”

Shock rippled through me and I tightened my hold on her hand. “You…are engaged?” I asked, incredulous, suddenly angered at the way I had let my emotions charge ahead of me earlier.

She nodded, and I marveled at the sorrow in her voice. “Yes. It’s an arranged marriage, Jaeger. My parent’s signed a contract when I was only a baby, and now that I am of age, the contract is due. I wasn’t supposed to know the man, of course, but I am the only child of elderly parent’s and they’ve spoiled me. Four months ago, on my eighteenth birthday, they sat me down and explained that I was to be joined to a Cardassian soldier, a doctor. When I asked who, they defied tradition and told me the man’s name.” Here she shuddered, and a tear escaped before she could continue. “I know this man, Jaeger, and he is a terrible man. I’ve heard rumors of the things he has done, and I myself have witnessed his acts of rage against the poor of our city.”

“But why would your parents willingly join you to this man?”

She bit her lip and dipped her head, tightening her grip on my hand. “Because there is a contract, and it is binding. The only one who can change it is the groom. And he values my family’s wealth and contacts far above the feelings of a girl, and will never give me up. Never. I know this because my dear parent’s, after finding out what kind of man he truly was, went to him and tried to get it annulled. He merely laughed in their faces and told them the only choice I had was where I wanted the wedding to be. I chose Risa. As his gift, he has allowed me to come here and make the preparations. I’ve been here two days all ready, and I can feel the bars of my cage closing in with terrifying speed.”

I watched this lovely creature struggling to contain her obvious grief and felt such a rage stirring within me that I had to consciously force my hand to remain loose, lest I crush her delicate fingers within mine. And on the heels of my rage simmered a feeling of despair, stalking me, patiently waiting it’s opportunity to rear it’s head and strike. I was conflicted, to say the least.

On the one hand, I wanted to crush this unknown interloper with my bare hands, ripping his gloating face off for the way he toyed with this fair maiden’s emotions and future. And on the other, I felt a sense of loss so deep that there would never be a way to cross the canyon that held any future we might have had.

The Hunt was over before it had even begun.

Unable to conceal my frustration and disappointment, I slowly untangled my hand from hers and withdrew. I choked out. “Forgive me, LeAnna, my ship awaits.”

Before she could utter a word in reply I lurched to my feet and staggered through the door, hoping that my humiliation went unnoticed by the few people scattered throughout the bar. The only thought that gripped me was that I had lost, again. And then I laughed at myself. How could I have lost that which had never been mine in the first place?

I was out the building and halfway down the boardwalk before I heard her calling my name. Angrily I turned on her and barked out, “What do you want from me, LeAnna?”

Slightly out of breath, she came to a halt and looked up into my face. “Jaeger, I…”

“We barely know each other,” I ground out between my teeth, “And you belong to another.”

Her head rocked back from the force of my words as if I had slapped her. I cringed at the harshness of my words, but I couldn’t help myself. It was only seeing the new spread of tears that escaped her control that forced my anger back into the pit it had crawled from. I forced my tone to be softer as I replied. “It is my fault, dear girl. I was foolish to assume that you were free. Forgive me.”

At this, she took a step forward and shook her head, her eyes desperately holding my own. “No, Jaeger, there is nothing to forgive. I…it’s my fault that I didn’t tell you from the start. But please, I only have five more days of freedom, and he doesn’t arrive until the day before the wedding. Please…please spend those days with me,” she begged.

“I cannot,” I forced out, knowing that to do anything else would be foolish.

Gently, tentatively, she placed her small hand on my arm and I felt it burn through my entire being. “As a friend, then, Jaeger. I need a friend so badly right now,” she pleaded.

I studied her beseeching eyes, let my gaze linger on her lush lips, and knew that I was lost. She had me within her sights, her trap had been carefully laid, and all that was left was for the Prey to step into her net.

So I stepped.

“As a friend,” I agreed.

Her face bloomed again through her tears, and I pushed away the doubts, and we began again.


We spent the next three days together, pretending that our feelings for one another were simply that of two friends getting to know each other after a long absence. But we both knew it was a sham. We spent long hours on the beach, playing in the waves and talking as we lay on a towel, laughing over silly jokes, ignoring the sudden rush of emotions when we happened to touch our hands together, or our eyes met over dinner.

My dreams were foolish ones, and although everything within me screamed to tell her how I really felt, to put into words the emotions that we refused to acknowledge, I held them at bay, knowing the true test of a Hunter’s prowess was in his ability to keep control under extreme conditions.

On the third day we met as usual in the lobby of the hotel, but this time there were two others with her. She was nervous and unsettled as she introduced me. “Jaeger, these are my parents, Legate Entek and LeGatta. Mother, Father, this is my…friend, Jaeger Prvi.”

These parents were wiser than she knew. Her Father sized me up with his eyes, shrewdly watching the emotions playing across his daughter’s face, before turning to me. “Jaeger Prvi, what are your intentions regarding our daughter?”

Before I could sputter out an answer his wife lightly tapped his arm and shushed him. “Turrel,” she crooned to him, “don’t start a scene. Let us find a place to eat first.”

I watched the way he turned to her, lifting his grey brows in surprise at her boldness, studying her expression carefully. LeAnna was holding her breath, nervously twisting her hands as we waited for his reaction. After only a moment he inclined his head slightly, the scowl that had held court across his face smoothed out, and he turned to me with a wary smile. “Yes,” he agreed, “We’ll talk later.”

With those words our day spread out before us like fruit, ripe for the plucking.

We spent the day with her parents. And I found them as delightful as their daughter. Turrel Entek regaled us with stories from his tour of duty with the Cardassian Guard, while his wife, LeGatta, shared sweet stories of LeAnna’s childhood. By the time the twin moons were rising to settle across the vast ocean, I felt as though I had earned a place in their family, and it nearly tore me apart to realize that once again, my dreams were nothing but pure folly.

We were strolling along the boardwalk when LeGatta slipped her arm through LeAnna’s and gently began to slow her steps. It didn’t take long to realize that Turrel was lengthening the gap by increasing his pace, and I knew the time for talking had come. I took a deep breath, and braced myself.

“So, when did you meet my daughter, Jaeger?”

“Three days ago.”

“Three days?” At my nod, he continued, “I am a man of action, and as such, I do not believe in mincing words.” He stopped walking and turned to me. I met his frank gaze with my own. He assessed me, then chuckled. “And when did you fall in love with her?”

Taking a deep breath, I kept my eyes locked with his, and replied, “Three days ago.”

He simply nodded, then resumed walking. We spent a few quiet moments before he continued. “And has she told you..”

“About her engagement?” I interrupted.

“I see,” he replied softly. “I made a terrible mistake, Jaeger, one that cannot be undone. I foolishly entered into a contract with the family of a man who will hold no love or faithfulness to the joy of my life. But how was I to know how the boy would turn out? He was only ten years old. But she is my only child and I have failed her.”

“Surely there is some way to change his mind?” I snorted, angered at the defeat in the older man’s voice.

He barked out a humorless laugh and shook his head. “I’ve tried. And his answer is the same. He will have her. This Krel Asar knows nothing of honor, or duty, or love. His only ambition is himself, and to that extent he invests himself heavily. No, Jaeger, there is no changing what’s been done.” He paused. “I will be blunt, my friend. I wish that she had had a chance to meet you freely, without this terrible contract that will rob her of any joy she may have found with you. But it is what it is. Do you understand?”

Despair rose up and threatened to choke me, destroying all reason even as my heart began to twist in it’s final, agonizing death throes. “Yes, I understand,” I answered him.

“Asar will be here in the morning.”

Again, I nodded, my eyes straying back to where the two women of our lives had paused, waiting for us to rejoin them. I swallowed back the pain and smiled at her, trying to ease the anxious lines that had creased her forehead. Nothing else needed to be said. I understood.

After a few moments of small talk her parents excused themselves, leaving us to tend to our farewell alone.

She was quiet as we walked, and I knew the time had come. We had been fooling ourselves the whole week, playacting at friendship, knowing that our feelings for each other ran much deeper than either of us were willing to admit. I pulled her into the shadows of a stand of palm tree’s, my hands gently caressing her arms, aching to enfold her in an embrace. “LeAnna..” I began.

She shook her head and reached up, placing one slender finger against my lips to halt whatever I was going to say. Tears trickled from the corners of her eyes. “No, Jaeger, no. Don’t say it. Please don’t say it.”

Staring into her sorrow filled eyes I suddenly knew that I couldn’t do this! How could I turn away from this woman trembling before me? Throwing caution to the wind I pulled her forward and wrapped her in my embrace. I lowered my lips to hers and lost myself in her sweetness.

After an eternity we pulled apart and she leaned into my chest and sobbed. Panting, trying to draw breath, I whispered, “My Worth Prey, what if there were a way to stop this madness? Would you become my wife?”

“Oh Jaeger,” she shuddered into my chest, “if only there was a way out I would leap into your arms and never leave your side!” Pulling back, she looked up into my eyes and reached up to gently caress my cheek. “I…I love you Jaeger Prvi. Never forget. Nev…er f..orget,” she stuttered before tearing herself from my embrace and running into the night.


The next morning I awoke with a sense of purpose, an anticipation I hadn’t felt in a long time. Today I would begin my Hunt in earnest. I rolled out of the softness of my bed and stood before the mirror, grinning with the rush of adrenaline that surged through my veins.

I dressed carefully and methodically, then left the comfort of my hotel room to take my place in the lobby. And there I waited. I wanted, no, needed, to see my opponent, this scum that threatened the safety and happiness of my Love. It didn’t take long.

The first to arrive was my LeAnna, pale and nervous, dressed in a soft multicolored sundress. Her parents stood with her, waiting with her by the doorway into the hotel. It took all of my strength not to go to her. My restraint paid off.

I knew him the moment he walked through the door. He was proud, arrogant, even for one that was so much younger than I expected. His jet black hair had been combed severely away from his forehead, allowing the distinctive ridges of his species to reign in full view. His sunken eyes were ice blue and took everything in as if he all ready owned it. His nose ended in a point, just above a thick black mustache that looked ridiculous on him. I snorted softly in derision. This man was no match for me.

I grimaced when he greeted her, forcing myself to watch as she tried to go through the motions of acting the part of a bride-to-be, secretly rejoicing when even he noticed the slight aloofness of her attentions. I followed them to the dining area, settling into a table far enough away that I could keep an eye on them without being too conspicuous. If LeAnna or her parents noticed me, they never showed it. I grew angrier by the moment as his eyes devoured her sweet beauty, and without thought I cracked the water glass I held in my hand.

I followed them the rest of the day, alternating between the thrill of the Hunt, and the longing to rip the imposter to shreds. My heart smote me as I watched my dearest Love suffer through a day spent in the presence of this beast. At long last, when she was safely ensconced in her room, I knew the moment had come. I flexed my fingers and followed him to his room.

For someone who was supposedly so intelligent and crafty, he failed miserably at remaining aware of his surroundings. Perhaps it was the Risian wine he had consumed at dinner, perhaps he felt so sure of himself that he found it hard to believe anyone would dare to attack him, but whatever it was, I managed to slip up behind him as he pushed it open. With a sudden thrust of my hands into his back he was propelled into the room, arms flailing, he fell to the floor. I quickly shut the door behind me and advanced.

He rose to his feet and whirled to face me, grinning. “I wondered when you would show yourself,” he teased, his voice oily with barely restrained glee.

I simply stared at him.

He continued, “So, what do you want? Eh? Money? Come to collect a debt that I owe? Who is it this time? Or perhaps you’ve come to ask for the release of some unfortunate slob who owes a debt to society? Whatever it is, you won’t get it from me,” he crowed.

My expression didn’t change. But his did.

His voice held a little more nervousness now. He looked less sure of himself. “Come on, old boy. Spit it out. I can’t help you if you won’t talk!”

I took a step forward. He took one step back. I knew the moment he made his decision.

He lunged for me, using a technique that was a favorite among thieves and cutthroats. I dodged his intended blow and landed one of my own. He staggered backwards and I planted myself before him like a rock. He came at me again, and this time his fist managed to connect with my side. I merely laughed and delivered my own blow.

This enraged him and he came at me again. This time I caught him just under his left eye, opening up a gash. He hesitated, panting, ignoring the blood pouring down his cheek. He grinned a wicked grin, flicked his wrist, and suddenly a knife appeared in his hand. He held it out toward me and waved it back and forth, trying to frighten me. My eyes narrowed and I took a step forward. His sudden bout of daring waned and I could see the terror coming back to his eyes. I grinned and growled low in my throat, enjoying the sudden rush of anticipation that rippled through my body.

He flung himself at me and I met him halfway. His wicked glee was short lived and his eyes widened with surprise when instead of being the victor he found himself pushed up against the wall with his own knife pressed tightly against his throat. I could smell his terror as it oozed out with his sweat. It reduced him to a babbling idiot. Frantic, eyes wide, he pleaded, “Anything. What ever you want! Take it! It’s yours!”

I grinned, enjoying myself. I spoke one word, “LeAnna.”

Despite his fear, he hesitated. I could see the battle being waged in his mind at the thought of losing such a plum. “LeAnna?” he questioned, trying to feign confusion, “Who’s LeAnna?”

“Foolish Cardassian,” I muttered darkly, pressing the tip of the blade tighter against his throat until a thin trickle of blood began to make it’s way down his neck.

Tears pushed out of his eyes and he desperately tried to blink them away, his cowardice evident by his thin, reedy voice, struggling to make itself heard through his fear. “Oh, that LeAnna,” he whispered, trying not to swallow and increase the pressure of the knife tip.

I leaned in closer. “Repeat what I say,” I ordered, letting him nod in agreement. “My contract is broken.”

“M..my contract is br..broken,” he almost sobbed, and I wondered briefly what hurt more, his humiliation at my hands, or the loss of LeAnna.

“LeAnna is no longer bound to honor it.”

“Le…LeAnna is…” he struggled to say, “is no longer bound to honor it.”

“I release her.”

He took a breath, then yelled out in anguish, “I release her!”

My eyes held his and I made sure that he clearly understood what I said next. “You listen to me, Krel Asar. From this day forward you are to disappear from her life. You will not seek retribution from LeAnna, or her family, as long as you live. I am a Hunter. I live for the Hunt. I have caught and killed far more Worthy Prey than the likes of you. This is my contract with you. I will let you live, as long as you leave this planet tonight, without a backward glance. If you ever come near her again, I will kill you. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

“Say it,” I ordered.

“I understand,” he muttered, all fight suddenly gone from him.

I studied his eyes intently, aware that this snake would turn and bite me if given the chance. So to make sure he was harmless I lifted my fist and knocked him out cold. He dropped to the floor and I turned to leave, looking forward to claiming my Trophy in the morning.


I could see her through the lattice that surrounded the wedding canopy. She was pale and withdrawn, obviously fighting tears as her mother tried to comfort her. It was still early, none of the guests had arrived yet, and she was alone with her parents.

My heart surged with emotions I never thought I would feel again as I watched her wipe the tears from her eyes. Just then, her father came scurrying up to them, waving a PADD excitedly in the air. I watched as he spoke rapidly to them, reaching out to gently hold her in his arms as her Mother read to her from the PADD. Her eyes widened and she brought her hands to her lips, her eyes filling anew with tears. They stood, staring at one another in disbelief, and I knew that it was time.

Hastily I walked through the archway and called her name. She swung toward me and stared. I met her stare and drank her in, soothing my parched soul. A smile wobbled upon her ruby lips and I grinned, nodding. She ran to me and I opened my arms wide to receive her.

“Jaeger, oh Jaeger, the most miraculous thing has happened!” she exulted, her voice light and airy as she wrapped her arms around my waist. “He’s gone. Krel has released me from the contract and called the wedding off! I am free, Jaeger, FREE!”

I returned her hug willingly, lifting her off her feet and swinging her in a circle. I laughed with her and rejoiced with her parents as they came toward me smiling. A slight movement just behind them alerted me to the next part of my surprise. I nodded at the Priest who stood waiting and LeAnna drew back in puzzlement. “Jaeger, what’s…” she began, glancing back to the Priest, then her parents, before turning her beautiful gaze back upon me.

I placed a finger against her lips to silence her. “LeAnna. I am just a Hunter. I have no planet to call home. I have no family to return to. I have no riches or glory to present to you. All that I am, all that I have, you see before you. If you will allow me, you will be my home, you will be my family, you will be my glory and riches. You are all that I want. You are all that I am. LeAnna Entek, will you take me as your mate?”

She swallowed back the tears that threatened to fall and a glimmer of understanding shone through her blue-grey eyes. That glimmer changed into joy, and she let it fall into a smile that touched her lips. “Now?” she asked softly, teasingly.

I grinned and nodded, “Yes. Now.”

She melted into my embrace and as my lips claimed hers she whispered, “Yes Jaeger. Oh yes.”

The End

2013 - KJWereb

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