Jaeger Prvi - Chapter Five

We're all here, waiting together, for one beautiful woman to decide our future and our fate. Who will she choose? Kor'don, with his rugged Klingon looks and heart of a Warrior? Bodhi, with his clean cut demeanor and his sensitive ways? Or me, the lonely, yet independent Hunter set adrift in this Quadrant?

Sharing a nervous look with Kor'don, I try to still my anxiousness and stand relaxed like Bodhi seems to be. Maybe having the wisdom and experience of multiple lives has its advantages. As for me, I haven't been this nervous since I was a young Hunter waiting to be posted to my first ship! I don't know how much longer I can stand here, waiting.

In an effort to calm my raging emotions, I glance around the banquet hall this Ceremony is being held in. Plush red drapes, elegantly patterned carpet, soft music pleasantly filling in the empty places between our guests' chatter. No expense has been spared. I've been told this contest has drawn quite a following. What started out as a private search by one woman has now escalated into a full blown newsworthy affair! More than twice the amount of people in this room are eagerly waiting to hear who Casya chooses by subspace communication, of all things!

In the midst of my tormented thoughts emerges a wondrous site no mere mortal has ever earned the right to behold! Gorgeous in a shimmering silver gown, glistening red lips parted in a teasing smile, one hand delicately carrying a single ruby red rose, the object of my affection effortlessly glides onto the stage and takes her place. The music stills, an announcement is made, and she turns to appraise her Prey.

Luminous eyes are turned upon us, one delicate brow raised in appraisal as her glance slides from one face to another, setting my passion ablaze as her heated look touches mine briefly before moving on. Anticipation courses through me, pushing through the fear that has suddenly clutched my heart within its slippery grasp. My heart surges with anticipation, then plunges in despair as Casya slowly lifts her rose, to Kor'don.

In that moment, that exhilaratingly terrifying moment, all of my hopes and dreams lay thrashing on the floor like a Vicarian Razorback in it's final death throes. I stood in stunned silence. A part of me tried to act like a crestfallen but polite suitor rejected by the woman he loves. The deeper part of me longed to reach over and rip the smugly grinning head off the Klingon in her arms!

Can you guess which part of me won?

As they melted into each other’s arms, I gave Bodhi a commiserating glance. He too was just as shook up as me, but we both came to a mutual decision at the same time. As brothers in arms we shook off our disappointment, at least outwardly, and suffered through the rest of the Ceremony in dignified silence.

After offering my congratulations, I accepted Casya's farewell kiss upon my cheek and turned away from his smug countenance lest I give in to that deeper part of me. Disheartened, alone, I returned to my room accommodations, ignoring Thelen's offer of cheering me up. What I wanted was to be alone. It was how I had lived before. It was how I would live again. Surely this slight wrinkle in my life would smooth out quickly so that I could return to my life again.

Thoughts of my sweet Casya, and Kor'don, plagued my dreams so that by morning I arose from my pallet grumpy and out of sorts. Eagerly I threw my kit together and headed out to my ship. Hirogens were well known for their lack of emotions, and single minded attention spans, but I found myself struggling to contain mine. Despair and anger settled over me like a cloak. Never had I felt so foolish, so embarrassed, so...so alone.

As my ship left Earth's orbit, I stood at my helm and watched the view screen until the planet was just a speck in the distance, just one tiny star among billions.

I was alone.


As luck would have it I wasn't allowed to wallow in my self induced misery for very long. Almost within moments a new Hunt had drawn my attention, and I eagerly threw myself into my work. It proved a balm to my wounded ego. But I found that it still didn't erase these new feelings, these emotions that had been stirred by that green skinned Siren I had fallen in love with.

It would catch me by surprise in odd moments.

Throwing my Prey to the ground, I would suddenly be interrupted by a flash of memory, when Casya and I fought the beast in the caves of Risa. Or when I lay down at night, weary from the Hunt, instead of finding rest memories of her smiling face would hover in my mind's eye, tormenting me. Nothing I tried brought relief!

With surprise, I ran into Thelen one night months later in a run down bar on Ceti Alpha VII. Awkwardly at first, we fell into each other's company, saying little over our tankards of Romulan ale. But by the end of the night we were brothers again, toasting each other, regaling each other with tales of our glorious Hunts, boasting of Trophies gleaned. Just like old times! I didn't ask about her, and he didn't bring her up.

When we parted I had this sudden urge to return to Risa. Just to see if it had all been a dream. So I plotted my course and for the first time in months fell asleep as easily as an infant Hirogen nestled safely in his Mother's arms.

Of course, it took me slightly longer to get there than planned. I was waylaid by my old friend, Z'Argath, whose daughter had once again up and disappeared. It didn't take long to find her, but by the end of it I was bristling with the longing to find that treacherous Skom and beat him to a pulp for the simple reason that he was the one that first encouraged her rebellious ways!

Eventually, almost a year gone by, I made it into orbit around Risa.

I went back to all the old familiar places, prepared to relive the emotions and feelings they stirred up within my heart, and found out that those emotions no longer lived within me. I was free! For the first time in a year I could honestly look back on my time with Casya and not wish to rip Kor'don's limbs from his body! I was free!

Joyfully I made my way down to the hotel bar for a last drink before leaving orbit. I was in the mood to celebrate, looking forward to the coming months, even though I would be alone. After all, Hirogens were meant to be alo...I was saying to myself as I rounded the door and saw her.

She was beautiful. Pinkish grey skin, ridges running down her neck onto her arms, clear grey blue eyes staring back at me. I made my way over to her and she met me halfway, blushing with her smile. "I'm Jaeger," I managed to say, giving her a smile.

Her smiled widened and she winked at me impishly. "I'm LeAnna. Nice to meet you, Jaeger."

Perhaps I am still the Prey, after all.

2013 - KJWereb

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