Jaeger Prvi...Chapter One

It was an ordinary day in the Delta Quadrant. I had been tracking a particular Prey for months when I finally got the break I needed. Following a tip from a passing Freighter I pointed my ship toward Sector 5 and hit Warp 10. This time he wouldn't escape!

Anticipating certain victory, my ship dropped out of warp and there he was, like a jewel just waiting to be plucked, my Worthy Prey lay waiting, unsuspecting of his failure. I was born for this moment. This is what it meant to wear the title, Hunter. Eagerly my trembling fingers reached for the Tractor Beam, ready to cast my net and reel him in, when....
without warning the Klaxons sounded! Bathed in the terrible red glow of the warning lights, I swiftly recovered from my initial surprise and quickly scanned the Sensors. There was nothing there. And yet, my ship was shuddering like a beast in its death throes. Sudden clarity dawned as an explosion from my Tactical Console sent me hurtling to the floor. Amid sparks and awash in the eerie white glow of an alien tractor beam my last coherent thought remained, the Caretaker....
Grunting in pain, I was hurled into awareness by an unpleasant pulsing sensation emanating from my left shoulder. Blinking away the last vestiges of my unconciousness, I gritted my teeth and reached over with my right hand, grasping my injured shoulder and without thought gave it a mighty pull. The satisfying POP as it slid back into place brought me immense pleasure, and I screamed in primal ecstasy. Rolling to my knee's, I surveyed the damage in the smoky aftermath of the explosion, silently taking stock of the needed repairs. Getting to my feet, I staggered to the Navigational Controls and jabbed the computer console.
Where was I? Minutes fled as I watched the information scroll before me and a feeling of panic began to grow in my chest. Pushing aside the debri from another console, I hit the button for the View Screen and stared in horror at the round blue planet spinning before me. I was no longer in the Delta Quadrant.
I think I took the news as well as could be expected.

Five years later and here I am, still in the Alpha Quadrant, still a Hunter. But now I Hunt for pay. I have learned that there are certain...factions...that are willing to pay for the knowledge and skill I was bred to have. There really is no difference between Hunting for the simple pleasure of tasting your Prey's blood and Hunting to survive, as often the species I deal with have no qualms with their enemies being dropped at their feet dead. Not only do I receive their undying gratitude and gold pressed latinum, but often I am allowed to carry away my relics to do with as I please. 
Most satisfying turn of events.
As the only one of my Species here in this Quadrant of space, I am beginning to feel...uncomfortable...with my singular state of existence. Back home, I would at least have the opportunity to meet with others of my kind at the various bars and familiar haunts scattered throughout the Quadrant. Thus it was when I was presented with this foray into personal relationships I jumped at the chance to meet a potential Mate. As I was the last one to apply for the chance to meet this Casya I did not get the chance to even see her likeness! But having heard of her beauty, in form and spirit, I knew no fear.
I have heard of the Risian homeworld, of course, but this will be my first visit. Being from a nomadic race of beings, I have found myself to be fascinated by the idea of people who actually prefer to live on a planet, rather than the freedom of the stars. After docking my ship I stepped into the plush velvet of a shuttle and watched the scenery whip by as I was guided to the Resort nestled in the lush Temtibi Bay. Weary from travel, looking forward to the sonic shower awaiting me in my suite, I was pleasantly surprised at seeing my personal request waiting for me upon entrance to my accomadations. 
Mmmmm, there's nothing quite like fresh Talarian Hook Spider to revive you!

After sating myself with my meal I fell exhausted in my bed and dreamt of home.
I woke early the next morning, eager for the day to begin. After a quick shower I changed into something more comfortable than my jumpsuit and swaggered into the hallway. Hunters do not rush. I was supposed to meet her in the Resort's bar, the Temtibi Quay, at 0900 hours. I am still getting used to using Starfleet time, and rounded the corner, ignoring the wild thumping of my heart as I hoped I wouldn't be late. On my way here I had studied the Orion culture so I knew generally who to look for. I hoped she wouldn't be hard to miss.

Hesitating in the doorway, I cast my glance through the room, and all at once all reason left me. Who was this ravishing creature before me? Her skin the dusky shade of olives, her eyes smoky hued, and lush lips the color of sweet strawberries. Before I had time to recover she glanced up and spied me. A smile tugged at her lips as we came toward each other. "Jaeger?" she inquired, lifting an exquisite brow in delightful question.
Gathering my scattered thoughts together I nodded, too lost in her wonderful perfume to trust my voice. She smiled, tilting her head just a little, and appraised me. I glanced into her sparkling eyes and knew that I had found my true Worthy Prey. Carefully I pulled myself together and gathered my strength, as I recognized the subdued scent she wore. I would need to act with restraint if I were to win her love, and restraint is what a Hirogen lives for. "Casya," I responded gently, leading her to the bar.

We spent the morning talking, laughing, getting to know each other. Briefly we touched on the different aspects of our lives, the similarities, the differences, and by the time breakfast was over I felt as if I knew this incredible woman before me as I have known no other. The thrill of the Hunt, the loneliness of rejection, the joy of a job well done. These were all familiar to me. I watched her share insults with a Klingon and joined her for an impromptu dance, revelling in her uniqueness and love of life.
I told her of my journey to this Quadrant, the history of my race, the loneliness of my existence. I commiserated with her when she spoke of her family, thrilling with her as she spoke of her twin brother, Thelen. Although I do not really understand the concept of family, I am willing to learn if it means the end prize is her heart.
Our conversation was winding down, so I leaned forward and said, "The day is yours Casya, lead me where you would go."
She grinned, musical laughter escaping from those enchanting lips, and she said, "I know just what we should do."
Holding out her hand she stood and beckoned me out into the sun. 

Back home, a Hunter would be mortified to be seen as anything other than focused and driven. After all the Hunt is what we chewed on as infants, what fueled our young adult lives, what made us who we are. We are Hunters. I am a Hunter. And yet...
...today, I began to see a side of me I never knew existed. With Casya's gentle laughter she taught me the art of building sandcastles and the joy of riding a beast I would have callously overlooked as unworthy.

When I took her in my arms I was almost overwhelmed by her beauty. The way she smiled at me made my innards tremble. I leaned closer and breathed in her scent, and knew that my strength was weakening. "Casya," I groaned, fighting for control, "You are a most Worthy Prey."
She tilted her head in that delightful way of hers and raised one shapely eyebrow. "Hmmm," she murmured, letting a ghost of a smile tickle her lips. "I suppose this is a new sensation for you, after all, you are a man of restraint."
Realizing the offer of escape in her gentle words, I accepted and pulled away, grateful that a woman who weilded such power over a man could stem her carnal urges as well.

She laughed again and asked mischieviously, "So, mighty Hunter, what final wish shall I grant you, as my time draws short?"
Having regained control over my emotions, I fell into her teasing with abandon. Glancing about I spied one of the Risians setting up some strange contraption and I motioned to it. "Well my lovely Casya, I suppose one more challenge awaits us." 
I willingly followed her over to it.

The day ended as beautifully as it had begun, but better. As I walked her to her room she tucked her arm in mine and I drew her gently to my side. Stopping at the threshold of her door, I turned to her and took her softly into my arms. Knowing the danger that lay in this moment, I hesitated briefly before lowering my lips to hers, brushing a soft caress across their moistness. Drawing back I let my eyes speak their affection before releasing her.
Casya smiled, lifted one slender hand in a farewell wave, and whispered, "Until tomorrow..." before slipping inside her room.
I do not remember how I got back to my suite. But as the sunset thickened into night I studied my trophy from the day, realizing that I was on the edge of a new chapter in my life, one from which there would be no return.

The Hunter had become the Prey.

to be continued...

2013 - KJWereb

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