Seaside Whimsey

It comes fully furnished and waiting with gentle surprises!

The Main House hosts a soothing Living Room of foamy green where you can while away your day playing a rousing game of Mahjong, or relax on a sofa reading a book or watching the Travel Channel. The children's rooms are tucked into a corner and the Guest Bathroom delights all with it's cheery underwater scenes!

Just a short skip across the path and you'll find yourself amidst a tropical forest known as the Kitchen and Dining Room. Palm trees and fanciful birds find roost here among bamboo accents and plentiful windows propped open to catch the calm ocean breezes.

Another short path and you'll find the Master Bedroom. This cozy hideaway is tucked away from the Main House and is patterned in a fresh wallpaper of palm trees again'st the setting sun. Enjoy it's comforting space, far away from the bustle of a demanding family, and luxuriate in the spa stationed prominently in your own fully equipped bathroom.

On the way down to your own private beach stop off in the garage, carefully chiselled out of a sand dune, and admire it's architecture. If you take the stairs you'll find yourself in a hidden Study Loft, sure to become a man's home away from home.

Don't hesitate! "The home you looked at yesterday, could be someone else's today!"


Custom Content Used:
None! Except for two Maxis floor tiles recolored by me, Puppetfish.

This requires all Expansions, but not the Stuff Packs! And as it's a beach lot, Bon Voyage is an absolute must!!! And in Neighborhood View, it must be placed along the road directly next to the water. The Bluewater Business District that comes with the game is perfect for this!

*When I tested this, the only problem I found was in the Child's Bedroom. It seems that hail managed to get through one spot, much to the aggravation of little Logan who complained bitterly at me! To fix it I simply turned the weather off and set it to be Summertime forever! To do this I used a wonderful hacked object you can get over at [url]www.simwardrobe.com[/url] - go into Sims 2 Objects / Other Objects and scroll down to the little green ming vase. It's called "Seasons and Weather Controller". And while you're there check out the rest of his amazing creations!

**Oh! I almost forgot. The only things that are not included with the download are most of the paintings! They were created using the Custom Painting feature from Pets by one of my Sims, as Maxis really didn't have any that were suitable for this lot. So the walls will be pretty bare, except for the Study and the Kitchen.

 Download this file:  Seaside Whimsey

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