Hirogen Hunter

The Hirogen are a nomadic species of hunters who live in the Delta Quadrant. Their vessels travel alone with just two crew members. Their society centers around "the hunt" and use parts of their prey as relics, hanging them on the wall or displaying them as trophies. The other parts they eat. Being called "worthy prey" by a Hirogen is considered a great compliment. Information from here

Now, we never see the females, or even any parts of their bodies other than the head and hands, so I've taken the liberty of "filling in the blanks." As they are quite large, I've taken pictures using Marvine's fantastic Huge Bodybuilder mesh to show you what they should look like, even though they look just fine on a skinny little regular sim.  ;)

I've also created this skintone using BeosBoxBoy's Shower Proof Skins as a base so that your Hirogen will remain buff in the shower!

This package only contains the skintone.  If you want to check him out over on my MTS Profile , please do so!  The reason I have not uploaded the outfit is because I have already created a new one!  

You can grab the new Hirogen Hunter Uniform here!

Download this file:  Hirogen Hunter Skintone


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