Ferengi Sims

The Ferengi, believe it or not, were originally intended to be a fearsome foe for Starfleet.  But as expected, their appearance and behavior earned them a more comical spot in Star Trek.  Read more about them here!

I would like to introduce you to my Ferengi, Grunt and Ylianka!

I can safely say no one else has created this species quite the way that I have!  When I was a member of Sapphire Sims 2, before it closed, Mininessie created a mesh for me so that I could recreate those marvelous lobes that are the most recognizable feature of the Ferengi species.

Because of this, I am requesting that the mesh NOT be redistributed in any Sims you may create, or in any uploads to any sites, regardless whether they are free or pay.  You MUST link back to this post if you upload recolors anywhere.

All the meshes are included!

AM Vampire by Yagami
AF Jamaica Dress by Yagami

Download this file:  Grunt & Ylianka

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