Ellsworth's Dairy Farm

This cute little farm is nestled snuggly up against the base of the Rocky Mountains. When Ellsworth's grandfather first settled this land it was a honey of a deal. Unfortunately, by the time Ellsworth inherited it, prices were sky high and he felt the need to sell it. It comes furnished, complete with animals, and a small Garden just off the bridge.

Lot size = 5x6
Category = Residential
Price = $180,605
Played/Tested - Not yet, but will post info soon


  • Master Bedroom/Bath
  • Nursery
  • 2 Children's Rooms
  • 2 Guest Bathrooms
  • 2 car Garage
  • Includes:
    • Chicken Coop
    • Pig Sty
    • Garden
    • Large Barn

If you would like to see all the pictures, please go to my post on MTS

I think I forgot to put the driveways back in after recoloring them!! I used the invisible driveway and extensions from Roddyaleixo

Custom Content Included:
Barnset by Paleoanth
Creations by Rebecah
Besen's "Big Laundry"
Creations by Saarrla - no longer on MTS
Ladder Stairs by Targa 
Animals by Tazmanoregon 
Animals by Mickyss
Wooden Heaps by FeeEssen
Creations by Taroo - removed everything from MTS

DOWNLOAD:  Furnished  or  Unfurnished

Furnished requires - U NL OFB P S BV  / Unfurnished requires - U NL OFB

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