I'd like to introduce you to Draconia!

She was created as a counterpart to a fabulous sim created by Lady Raven called Draconian.  Unfortunately I no longer have him, and even more unfortunate is the fact the Sapphire Sims 2 has been closed for years now.

Her skintone is fully genetic, unlike the original, which means that your babies will NOT look human.  Instead, they will sport the natural reddish skintone their mother has.  Also, due to the extreme facial structure, they will also be quite ugly.  Not much to do about that.  You'll just have to accept it.  ;)

All the meshes are included, and everything is Base Game.

I would like to thank the following people:

GrandDuchessEmerald for her fabulous hair mesh from her Female Harpies, which I no longer have and since her site is closed I can no longer find them.  

Lady Raven for her Draconian sim who gave me the skintone.

Warlokk for his Faerie Warrior Mesh which can be found HERE

Download this file:  Draconia Sim

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