Christmas Panels 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

Christmas is one of my most favorite seasons of the year, and because I love it so much I would like to start off the Holiday Season with this Wall and Floor Set. I wanted something that was a bit more elegant, so I created these panels.

There are 11 panels in all, and they can be found in Paneling. You can create an entire room in one panel, or mix and match to create your own unique room.

These are based on the Maxis wall paneling called "No So Boho in Gold from Boho Days". However, I did fix it a bit because as Maxis often does, they include slight 'errors' in their textures.  There was just a hint of a dark line on both sides which effectively ruined the whole seamless look that I prefer. So there's that.

Please enjoy these walls!

Click on the Images to Enlage

Gingerbread & Green Panels

Holly & Ornament Panels

Red & Reindeer Panels

Snowmen & Tree Panels

Angel & Cookie Panel

White Panel

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