Chipley Blvd. Apartment Homes

This is my very first Apartment Lot, so I hope you enjoy it!

I made this to use in your Downtown area, and I've turned the front door around to the back of the Lot. Maxis Lots are darker on the side facing the street, so I wanted to take advantage of the sunny side! Also, the garage is snugged right up against the sidewalk, and it really works!

Just a funny note, the Newspaper boy will walk all the way around to your door and leave the paper there, instead of the street. LOL Much nicer!

It's on a 2x3 lot, features 4 floors and there are 4 apartments. Each apartment has:

Private Garage and Outdoor Courtyard
Master Bath and Bedroom
Spacious Living Room and Kitchen
7 extra smaller rooms for your bathrooms, bedrooms, studies, and game rooms.

I am including a file that comes completely unfurnished, if you'd like the cheaper rent and enjoy decorating everything yourself. It doesn't even have wallpaper, LOL

The rent:

Furnished: $5,321 - $6480
Unfurnished: $3,956 - $4,672

Special thank you goes to Targa for his Acension Squared stairs and Maxoid Monkey for his Egg Topiary Shrub! (link no longer exists)

You only need Nightlife and Apartment Life for this, and I used Numenor's Anygame Starter to create it. It has been tested extensively in my full game, and I've had no problems.

Download  Furnished  or  Unfurnished

In order to rent a furnished apartment, you will need to grab this mod from TheTechnoSim

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