Bath Babies Nursery Set

So, years ago, before the Sims 2, I found this graphic set, downloaded it, and promptly forgot about it! Well, I've been going through old boxes and came across the CD it was stashed on and thought, "This would make the perfect Sims 2 baby set!" Here you go, I hope you enjoy it!

What's included:

7 Wallpapers found in Wallpapers
2 Floor Tiles found in Tiles
4 Paintings
Changing Table
1 Collection File - (place in Collections Folder)

Sims 2 Items Recolored - 

The Kinder Kontainer
Sanitation Station Changing Table
The Kinder Koddler
Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtains
"A Stroke" by Alfred D'Simvo - needs Nightlife
Isotopia Rug by Modulin - needs Free Time

Download this File: BathBabies by Puppetfish

Clipart from CuteColors.com

*note: I have Ultimate Collection

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