Arachniphobia - A Nightclub

"More than just a Nightclub! The Trapdoor Eatery spins a web of it's own!" - Sim Chronicle

"Big Daddy's Disco is the tops!" - Sim Nation

"Awesome! What more can I say? Arachniphobia will have you crawling the walls in anticipation!" - Landgrab Industries

Come join us for an incredible night out! If your tastebuds are tingling for something delectable try our Spider Leg Souffle in the Trapdoor Eatery! Or join us for Karaoke Night in the Black Widow Lounge while your kids enjoy the many delights of Spinner's Arcade. If your legs are twitching for some action, join the crowd upstairs and get your groove on in Big Daddy's Disco! Whatever your need, we aim to please!!

Open nightly - well, actually - we never close!
Can't wait to see you there!

Games Needed - U NL OFB P S BV

Download this file:  Arachniphobia

Custom Content Included:
Wall Lights by Atavera

Additional Credits:

Thank you Atavera for your wonderful Neon Lights!!!
Sims Wardrobe for the Dance Cages - not included  (objects/other objects)

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