Anasazi Living

In honor of the Anasazi Indians that built their dwellings among the cliffs I give you the "Anasazi Cliff Dwelling."

It's been updated a little, modern furnishings, but sparsely decorated (as I imagine they liked to keep things simple.)

Lot Size : 5x2
Price: $113,766

It has the basics along with 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms, with sleeping space on the roof. The ceremonial Kiva has been turned into a Jacuzzi and it even includes the old family car.

Most of the furnishings are Base Game, but it includes decorations from Nightlife, Pets and Seasons. (as listed below)

Nightlife - recolor of "Two Dogs and an Olive"
Pets - recolor of "Organically Atomic Rug"
Seasons - almost all of the wall decorations as well as a recolor of the "Veronaville Quilting Bee" and the "Royal First Oval Rug"

If you want it to be totally Base Game compatible then simply remove all of the above items using Clean Installer!! :)



Custom Content by Me:

  • matches Dirt Clod Terrain created by Puppetfish at MTS2 
  • matches Dirt Clod Terrain created by Puppetfish at MTS2 

Games needed:  University / NightLife / Pets / Seasons

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