Aenar / Andorian

Most Andorians were blue-skinned with white or silver hair. An Andorian subspecies called the Aenar had white skin and, unlike blue Andorians, were blind and telepathic. Andorians and Aenar were genetically compatible and could produce offspring, which are green. And from reading through the various sites, I've found out that they do not live on the surface of their planet, but in underground cities, due to the extremely harsh, cold climate of Andor.

These are only the skintones. I will be making them a whole set of clothes in the near future, but for now, they are on their own!Aside from recoloring the skintone blue, green and white; I've only really changed the forehead. I've never been satisfied with the various Andorian skintones out there, mainly because they lacked the distinctive forehead ridges of the species, and it doesn't take much to simply change the original skintone to a shade of blue! 

So I bring to you, my new updated Andorian / Aenar Skintones!

Just a little note: There are 5 skintones in this set, and the reason for that is this:

  • Andorians are blue, from infant to elder.
  • Aenar are white, from infant to elder.
  • When the two of them marry, their offspring are green. 
    • (That bothered me, in the fact of, how in the Universe did they go from green to either blue or white? I've never seen any green skinned people running around from Andor, unless they're children, so somehow they must change their color as they age.)
  • So I created the two Hybrid skintones! These are really neat! The adult / elders are either blue, or white; but the children start out green, then as they age they turn into one of those two colors! I've included pictures to show their skintone color progression!
  • The last skintone was for those of you who wish you could have a green adult. In this skin I've reversed the color process by making infants blue, toddlers a mottled blue and white, children white, and teens a mottled white and green. The adults / elders are green. I've called this one the Aendorian skintone. 

The fun part of these skintones is that you can have them all married to different colors, and their children will reflect that!

OH! I forgot to say that these are not meant to be bald! There's a line that separates the forehead from the hair area that I couldn't get rid of, so if you make them bald, please don't complain to me about it. So don't say you weren't warned.

The Antennae were created by the great and fabulous NixNivis! She graciously recolored them to match my skintones! So please go HERE if you'd like them!

Download this file:  Aenar / Andorian Skintones

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