Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm still here!

Hi there!

I realized today that I haven't posted much on here, in fact, not since May!  Honestly, I did have plans to keep this updated at least once a month, but as you know, life tends to get in the way!

So this little note is to let you know that I am planning to resume regular updating in the next week or two, as I've got tons of new stuff in the works, including....

  • A New Restaurant
  • An Aquarium
  • Wall Sets
  • A New Star Trek Skintone
  • Some New Clothing
  • An Apartment Building
  • A Residential Home
  • and Various odds n ends

And now that I've got a shiny new laptop and all of my Sims 2 stuff has been reinstalled and all is working happily together, I can get busy on getting these items finished!

As a sneak preview, here is a little teaser for the next upload...coming soon...

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